Monday, 31 August 2009

Merdeka Eve

This year got nothing special for the Merdeka Eve.. Same as last year, working, working and working.. Last year was working at Kota Bharu, can't celebrate with Phin Phin, since this year in KL, but Phin Phin back to hometown.. Too bad.. Alone.. Feel so lonely.. No activity, no firework, no festival atmosphere.. A boring day..

Luckily called out friends for steamboat after work, at Yew Lik.. 6 of us (CK, Nick, Keith, Kah Yan, Wei and Me), just like the hungry ghost, eat for non-stop and fight for food.. We all are so hungry, just have our lunch and wait for the steamboat time..

CK and Nick (Star Group Member)

Keith and Me

Kah Yan and Wei (Look like couple?)
They are sibling

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Gathering @ Garden Lifestyle Store and Cafe

Working yesterday, but since I have promised Lesly to join the gathering, then just go out without my boss permission.. Meet my buddies: Lesly, Andrew, Sheonon, Jing Charn and May.. Having lunch at One Utama, a restaurant named Garden Lifestyle Store and Cafe.. Last few week just went there for dinner, food was so so.. I told Lesly not to order for the "Butter Ginger Dory Fish", although chef recommended, but the taste is so weird and disgusting, and he want to take the challenge and order one set of this, the end................. Kena!!

Top (from left): Sheonon, JC, Andrew
Sit (from left): May, Me and Lesly

Me and Andrew

Me and Lesly

Me and Sheonon
(Background: Piano)

The Girls

After lunch, we go for Bowling.. The winner for the game is ME.. Haha, 80 points to hit the others.. For the result, please refer to the picture below..

S-Sheonon=71, A-Andrew=69, L-Lesly=44,
J-JC=11, HP-HuiPeng=80

Me and Sheonon, the first and second for the game

Nice Posing

May replace JC for one round

Actually quite a long time didn't catch up with each others, hope to stay longer, but have to back for work, too bad, the gathering time is only 3 and half hour.. Hope next time can stay longer..

Wednesday, 26 August 2009


I bought shoe again, since now is Mega Sales, sure can't miss the opportunity to shop. for cheaper things. One high-heeled shoes from Vincci and one shoes from Hush Puppies.. It's cheap, cost only RM100 for these comfortable shoes.. and now I have almost 5 new shoes, and not even wear for one time.. I'm wasting money.. :(

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Langkawi Trip

Just came back from Langkawi with my dear and his friends, 20 of us joining the trip.. This is my second time visit Langkawi, and we stay in Langkasuka, just nearby the airport.. It's raining season, so not much activities in this trip.. But it's relaxing.. Like it so much!! Didn't take much photos, coz we have a professional photographer to take every scene and every people.. Waiting to get the photos.. Hehe!!

Saturday, 15 August 2009





Monday, 10 August 2009

Dinner @ Yuzu, The Gardens

Today off, went to Mid Valley and The Gardens for shopping.. Now is the season for shopping, MEGA SALES and I have bought a 2 ways wearing dress @ NAFNAF.. Don't know what brand is it, but the dress look nice, just suit me well..

After shopping, having dinner at Yuzu, The Gardens.. So delicious but it's expensive.. All the meat and seafood is fresh.. Will try the BBQ beef in next visit.. Wait me, I'll be back!!

Thursday, 6 August 2009



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