Sunday, 30 August 2009

Gathering @ Garden Lifestyle Store and Cafe

Working yesterday, but since I have promised Lesly to join the gathering, then just go out without my boss permission.. Meet my buddies: Lesly, Andrew, Sheonon, Jing Charn and May.. Having lunch at One Utama, a restaurant named Garden Lifestyle Store and Cafe.. Last few week just went there for dinner, food was so so.. I told Lesly not to order for the "Butter Ginger Dory Fish", although chef recommended, but the taste is so weird and disgusting, and he want to take the challenge and order one set of this, the end................. Kena!!

Top (from left): Sheonon, JC, Andrew
Sit (from left): May, Me and Lesly

Me and Andrew

Me and Lesly

Me and Sheonon
(Background: Piano)

The Girls

After lunch, we go for Bowling.. The winner for the game is ME.. Haha, 80 points to hit the others.. For the result, please refer to the picture below..

S-Sheonon=71, A-Andrew=69, L-Lesly=44,
J-JC=11, HP-HuiPeng=80

Me and Sheonon, the first and second for the game

Nice Posing

May replace JC for one round

Actually quite a long time didn't catch up with each others, hope to stay longer, but have to back for work, too bad, the gathering time is only 3 and half hour.. Hope next time can stay longer..

1 comment:

Girraffe stZ said...

next time sure can stay longer.
tat ll b my birthday..

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