Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Christmas '07

This year Christmas not that fun compare to last year, because don't have any party on the eve.. Bf's friends have postpone the celebration of Christmas together with New Year eve.. So party will be held on 31 December.. No celebration with friends, but do celebrate with my dear.. He gave me a small Christmas tree, candle, a little snowman and penguin..... and.... An expensive Apple.. The presents almost same as last year, but I like them so much.. Thanks..

My 2 Penguins (Yew Yew and Lin Lin) with Christmas tree
Collections of RUSS's X'mas Penguin

Snowman (Mak Mak)

Red Apple (bought from Isetan) cost RM 17.90

I do gave him Christmas presents, which is pirated DVD's from Bt. Feringgi, Penang.. It's really cheap and clear, I've bought him the lastest movies and Hong Kong's Drama.. and.... others.. Hmmm.. Most of the people will go for clubbing, countdown, or having party, but me and dear just go for a normal dinner and movie on the eve.. Watching the lastest movie "Aliens vs. Predator 2", thought want to watch "National Treasure", but AVP2 is more attractive.. Maybe tonight will go for that movie, cos it's cheap on Wednesday.. A simple Christmas has over..

Merry Christmas

Friday, 21 December 2007

Genting de Casino

Yesterday was the holiday for Haji, so bf has no work, then we asked Vincent go to Genting.. Haha.. He's the gamble kaki.. This time was the first time I got the money from Uncle Lim.. I played the game that I familiar with, which is roulette.. When I was in UK, the only game that I won was roulette too.. So, I think this game bring me luck.. Everytime bet for the same numbers, and almost everytime get win.. At first won around 500 then change another game to play, before go home, just want to assured my luck for the day.. I go back to the roulette machine, bet for the same numbers, no doubt, I won again and again, my luck was good..

Everytime I saw people playing roulette is like making many bet at the same time in order to win big money.. They bet more than 100 in a game, but I only bet for 20.. This way of playing more safe, but the last time, I tried bet only one number, and....... I get win the number that I chose.. Number 9, has become my lucky number.. I bet 5 bucks, so 5 X 36 = 180.. Wauuuuuuu.. Damn happy.. I have observed the aunties beside me, I think they total insert 1000++ into that machine and lose all in 15 minutes.. If for me, sure will heart attack, because not working yet and bet for quite a huge amount.. Anyway, I'm the lucky star for 20/12/07.. Yeah!!

Tuesday, 18 December 2007



Sunday, 16 December 2007

Saturday 15/12/2007

Today went to One Utama to see the arrangement for this year Christmas, cos last 2 weeks seeing them still doing the setting staffs, just curious what they going to do.. Once I reached, I go there directly, it's really "Wahhhhhhh...", so nice!!



Haha.. Today I've bought a shorts at Jusco, long long queue, waiting around 15 minutes, unlucky, the cahsier said that the machine has broke up and need to fix it, so fed up and change my queue at another counter!! Jusco always do things slowly.. Bad Bad Bad!! Hmmm.. Don't care... Muahaha.. Wooooo.. is dinner time!! Having our dinner at Dragon-i.. Delicious.... Last month only go with Wai Hong and Roy at Pavilion.. Since bf wants to try so decide to have our dinner here..





After dinner, me and bf doing one stupid thing inside the Parkson Store.. We saw the kettle.. Haha..Weird thing going to happen among us, we using the kettle to play like "哈哈镜", take it as a mirror.. From different angle, our faces got different shape and suddenly our eyes become big like alien.. So terrible!! But is not bad if I got such a big eye.. Hehe!!


Finally, end of the day, I watched movie with bf, Vincent and Tammy.. Alvin and the Chipmunks.. Damn funny and cute.. Especially the green one "Theodore", it's round and short compare with Alvin and Simon.. It's really looks cute, and most funny thing was they do sing Daniel Powter's song "Bad Day".. What's a funny movie, laugh from starting to the end.. Nice movie for Christmas!!

Thursday, 13 December 2007

J.CO de Donuts

Since the opening of Pavilion KL, one of the shop has been famous with their donuts.. Everytime I will see there is a long long queue.. At first just curious to have a try of the donuts, once I bite, it's really delicious.. Especially the normal donut "Glazzy".. The taste really as what they describe in the mini board "Crunchy and Melty"..

From the way I start my queue, half an hour only reach the counter and make an order.. So far I have tried on 9 flavors of the donuts, some are really delicious and some only soso.. People will spend their time to queue up and purchase for the donuts, most of them buying half dozen or more.. Normally people will buy one dozen, if I'm not mistaken, they have 12 flavors, so can try on all the flavor..

Last night go for a movie at Pavilion, it's GSC.. The seats was comfortable and it seems grand before entering the theatre.. The movie "The Golden Compass" will be continued, the story haven't end yet, don't know when will show the next.. In this movie, really wonder how the production group doing all the special effects.. It's terrible..

Monday, 3 December 2007

Camera Girl

Recently I helped my sister taking rabbit pictures, all the rabbits are cute and all are imported from US.. Breed from different places really can see the different compare to the local breed.. From the color to the fur and the posing, is nice.. Some have been trained and go for competition.. Once it's stand, it has it's own posing, professional rabbit, but only few.. The others like hyper-active, jump here and there, hard to get the right angle to take the pictures.. That day sister only show me the guide book for how to take good pictures for rabbit.. Different rabbit has different standing pose, if can catch the right time and right pose, the picture will be nice and fulfill the standard standing pose.. Next week sister will have another rabbits from US, so have to take picture again, but I enjoy it!!

with White Spot Red Jacket

Orlando (Holland Lop) Sister's Beloved Rabbit - Big Head (大头仔)

Dwarf Hotot with Leather Jacket

with Jeans Jacket

with Plain Red Jacket (女鬼装)

Thanks for our cutie model - Dwarf Hotot Doe

TGI Friday's

Finally.... I have a try at TGI Friday's.. Yeah!! Last time always heard from my classmates, now only have the chance.. Last week I met Vincent at One U and he want to have something before movie, so we go for it, but I only have a dessert, cos already have my lunch at home..

Double Chocolate Fudgy Brownie

This is what I ordered, deliciousssssssssss.. Three brownies with one scope ice-cream on top, this dessert can serve 2-3 persons, but I finished it by my own, because no one share with me and Vincent has his own dessert.. His also not bad, it's delicious than mine, it's crunchy like a cookies, with ice-cream too..

Vincent's dessert (with set meal)

Although it's costly (for me), but is worth.. Maybe next time can really try on the main course and appetizer.. Not just the dessert.. Awaiting...

Sunday, 2 December 2007





Thursday, 29 November 2007

The Last Breath and Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium

Recently showing many of the ghost movie, last Saturday I've watched a new ghost movie which is The Last Breath (Korean) and Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium on Monday.. This ghost movie is very scary, get shocked on many scenes.. Ghost appear very often, this is what I like, but the cinema environment is not good, there are people chatting around, changing places, and walking.. Make the evironment not in the scary mood, damn bad.. Haihz..

On Monday I'm using my expired Student ID to buy the movie ticket, luckily the ticket seller didn't realize it, and I get 2 ringgit cheaper.. I'm not sure whether I'm tired when I watching this movie or this movie really boring, feww times I almost fall asleep.. What attractive in this movie is the color, full of color and toys.. Nice toys, and wish I can own it.. Hehe..

Sabah Trip

Just come back from Sabah, just to attend wedding dinner, is bf's brother wedding.. The first time I attend such a huge wedding dinner.. Almost all the people in that place being invited to the wedding dinner.. Haha~~

Bf's house was so far away from KK Airport, after 2 and half hours flight, have to take another 2 hours car journey to reach his home at Keningau, damn far.. I'm kind of human cannot take long journey in car, especially crooked road, heredity from my mum, easily get vomit, so is hard for me to take this 2 hours journey.. After 2 hours, finally reached his home, I've been dizzy for the whole day, so suffering..

I'm so so so stupid, I forget to bring my camera to Sabah, so this journey has no take picture, some took from my mobile phone, not in good quality, but still acceptable.. Keningau is just a small place in Sabah, the most highest building was the Hotel Juta, around 6 floor.. The others are just normal shops.. People over there, having no worries lifestyle, not like KL's people and there has no entertainment at night..

Keningau view (The White Building, Hotel Juta)

After the wedding ceremony, there are nothing to do, just stay at home and playing with bf's nephew and niece, watching TV and playing "rummy" with bf's brother-in-law.. Haha~~ Get won around 50 bucks.. I think next time for mah jong will be CNY, cos now no one free to entertain me for mah jong.. Friends are all busy for work.. Haihz..

After few days staying at Keningau, felt that I love that place, because really nothing to worry, is suit me a lot.. Hope can stay there for more longer, but we just go for 5 days, no choice, we have to back KL.. I've do something weird in this place too, which is wake up early, it's consider weird for me, cos I alway sleep till noon time.. Haha~~ Really paiseh oh!!

Saturday, 17 November 2007



Wednesday, 14 November 2007

New Dress For Myself

Last week has bought 2 new dresses for myself to attend people's wedding.. Lately I have many wedding to attend, most will be at the hotel, so have to wear nicer.. Hehe.. Finally I get 2 dresses which suit me and can fully hide all my fats.. Next week will follow my dear back to Sabah to attend his brother's wedding, so can't wear like an aunty anymore, must wear something that beautiful.. Wakaka.. Excited!!

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Apartment 1303

Just watched Japanese ghost movie, still the same perception, almost same as the previous ghost movie.. The "ghost" seems like combining the others ghost movie.. One of the part, it looks like "Juon".. Haihz.. No suprise at all, but quite scary.. The story is about mum and daugther living in the Apartment 1303.. Daugther always being abused by her mum and one day, she killed her mum and people who live in this apartment will jump from the apartment.. Hmmm.. Storyline very boring, but consider okay.. =)

Wednesday, 31 October 2007


Just received the email and letter from UK, is to remind us about the ceromony of the convocation for our degree.. The convocation will be held on 9th March 2008, that time will be the time for me and my classmates to gather, waiting for it.. Long time didn't meet them, seems like everything has changed after we finish study.. All of them has started new life where I still the same, being lazy.. After the graduation, time to gather getting lesser and lesser.. Elaine has go Singapore for working, the others will be working as well.. Seeing they all, I so useless.. Damn hate myself..

Last week meet some of my friends, one of them ask me to work with him, something which I wish to do, which is event kind of job, all the requirement are fulfill, but the vehicle is the main reason not to work for it, because my car cost a lot of petrol, my car use petrol just like drinking water.. So will not do for it.. Haihz.. I lost a chance!!

Wednesday, 24 October 2007




Thursday, 11 October 2007

Result Release

Finally my result has released.. Not so bad, still acceptable, better than third class or failed.. Everything was fine now.. Feeling scared when open the letter, feel so happy when I saw the result, it's really unbelievable, but compare with other friends, I'm damn poor.. Now have to wait for the graduation in March 2008.. Cos I can meet up my friends and flatmates.. Yeah!! After few months, have to start my new journey of my life, which is going to the working life and getting more challenge, learn to grow up.. Add oil.. Add oil..

Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Today my friend told me that have job recommend, but I've reject, is as a personal assistant, maybe I still in the hliday mood and not planning to work yet.. But when Andrew told me he is starting to look for job, I seems like so useless.. So decide to look for job.. I have just registered in the JobStreet website, now waiting some good news.. Hope can get a job soon, cos I have no money to use.. Damn hate.. A person without money is so pity.. Haihz..

Last month, I said I want to have a rest at home, but week after week, so boring at home, feeling nothing to do and so useless.. My brain started not functioning, sometimes a bit slow motion and catch others.. There is a big problem.. Hope after this month, my life will have a changes.. All the best to me!!

1 Year Anniversary @ A' Famosa

Last Sunday, a special day for me and my dear, is our first year anniversary.. So happy can be with him for the past one year.. Giving me lots of laugh and happiness.. Although only a short period, but I appreciate all he gave me..

Last month we bought the package from MATTA Fair.. It's really cheap.. The package includes 2 days 1 night (Resort Hotel), Breakfast, Animal World Safari and RM10 Cash Voucher for meal.. That's is too little activity for us, so we add-on another activity, which is purchase the entrance tickets for Cowboy Town.. All together cost us RM244..

This is the second time I visit A' Famosa.. Last time was with my secondary school friends.. Last time more fun, cos last time has no extra charges for the game in Cowboy Town, but now seems like everything have to pay for it.. No fun at all.. EXPENSIVE ar.. In Safari will be better, they provides many shows.. Bird Show, Multi-Animal Show, Elephant Show and Wild Wild West Show.. All the show was nice and good.. This time when in the truck going in the Safari, I saw Lion mating.. Haha~~ All the people in the truck was exciting..

Lion Mating

Me and dear after the Bird Show - Background: Greater Flamingo

Wild Wild West Show

At Cowboy Town

Me and Dear

Fish Pond Outside the Cowboy Town

Second day of the Malacca Trip, we go into the Malacca Town.. Having the famous Chicken Rice Ball.. I don't like the Chicken Rice Ball, but so far consider delicious.. Haha~~ The shop being recommended in TV.. 阿贤人情味

文化街 〉〉〉〉街尾 - 合记鸡粒饭

~~~THE END~~~

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

"Yew Yew" de Cutie

When I'm in UK, almost everyday will have a chat with my dear and also my cutie, Yew Yew.. It's a penguin from dear during last year Christmas.. It's really cute.. Hehe.. Last time I didn't bother it much, but once I have been there, miss my doll damn much, cos they accompany me for nearly a decade.. Hehehe.. Now they are in trouble, cos they are dirty, wanna take it into the washing machine.. Hoho..

This is Yew Yew.. Why called Yew Yew?? Hehe.. Secret!!

(Secret between me and my dear)

OS: Ops.. My head so big.. Don't close up my face.. Look FAT.. Somemore ugly!!

Wednesday, 12 September 2007


Finally I have reached KL.. After 15 hours flight, I reached my lovely hometown, the place which I familiar with.. Finally get the sense of belonging.. Once I reached, I saw many "pig", that's why it's so familiar.. Haha~~ Everything in Liverpool has become a past, I miss it very much, especially housemates' gossiping in dining room, I will never forget the moment when we stay in Liverpool, nice flatmates.. Love them so much!!

Finish my studies and end of my study life.. Not think to study anymore, scare of it, stress and tension during the time in Liverpool.. Rushing assignment and struggling with the exam.. All these is the limit of myself.. Unbelievable, I can finish my 120 credits in a short periods, congrats that we all have finally get over all this barrier and end up the programme sucessfully.. Although the result not release yet, but I think I have won the game, at least I can do it!! Yeah!!

Now I'm having the life that I wish for, everyday eat, sleep, watching TV.. This is what I want for my life.. Leave my mind empty and not to think so much.. Just back for few days, now have to settle down all the things, havent meet friends also.. Still not use to the Malaysia time, the first day I back, I slept until 5pm, nice bed, but I miss my queen size bed in Liverpool more than this single bed.. Feeling so comfortable at home.. Horoscope - Cancer.. Always love to stay at home, this is exactly true.. Haha~~

After this few months only plan what I'm gonna to do.. Yippie!!

Friday, 7 September 2007






Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Second Visit to Casino

Finally, I've finished my degree in Liverpool.. But myself can't see any happiness from my face.. Don't why.. Maybe dear dear not with me, no one share my happiness.. So sad.. Today has decided having lunch in casino, so once finish the exam, then we went to casino.. This time is my second visit, so they will provide 5 pound to play.. Really waste money, click and click the lose money, luckily the money is not mine.. Hohoho..

Then I use my own money to play roulette.. At first lose money, but luckily I won.. Just because of the number of "0".. I bet that number, it's so hard to get that.. So I'm the lucky queen.. Hohoho.. At last I have won of 12.50 pound from casino, plus the first visit, I won a total of 17.50 pound.. Hehe.. Happy ar.. Think to go again, but 2 more days will going back to hometown..
Hehe.. I'm going back soon.. Excited!!

Monday, 3 September 2007

Stupid Assignments

Sobsss.. Doing my stupid assignment, Professional Ethics and Production de Big Brother Season 8... Consider as my last assignment in Liverpool Summer Programme.. After this have to prepare for the Wednesday exam.. Damn scared.. This idiot assignment need 2000 words, now I wrote only 1000++.. What the hell am I doing now?? I really don't know what I'm doing now, empty brain, no thinking, no idea, no argument, no support, no reference, no own words........ Sucks!!!!!

This assignment weight of 50%, this time really "eat shit".. Really want to jump out from my room, but I'm leaving in 1st floor, so can't die, later sure will become cacat.. This Big Brother make me into trouble, I hate!!!!!

Friday, 31 August 2007

No More Internet Connection

Haihz.. Damn hate, my internet subscription has expired, it's really disconnect once expired, can't even hold one more minute.. Now i'm rushing my assignment and the connection is down.. Luckily, Jimmy (Elaine's friend) allow me to use the wireless from their house, so now can continue doing my work.. Still have one more week to go, what's gonna do without internet?? I think have no choice have to go library, but the opening hour for the library until 5pm only.. Really don't know what to do.. Still have one assignment and one exam.. Need to search for infomation.. This really make me in trouble.. :(

Thursday, 30 August 2007

Funny "A" Movie

Just come back from Sharron's room, unbelievable, me and Sharron watch "A" movie together, and both of us laugh till non-stop.. Haha~~ Is actually a Japan Comic with "A" kind of capture skills.. Is really funny when we saw the characters naked.. Hoho~~ Cos it really funny, can't imagine Japan has this kind of comic stuffs.. Watch that clip for 30 minutes and laugh for 30 minutes.. Wakaka.. Damn funny..

One weird thing that we watched is the storyline, how come a siblings can "make" together.. Really unbelievable and speechless to this clip.. The body of the character is too over.. How come a small body can have a big boobs.. Definitely, nope!! Is really big!! But is just comic, how big is also can be made.. Haha~~ Will bring this clip back to KL, show to my "ham sap" friend, Vincent!! Hoho~~

* Actually the clip is from Elaine, and I have copied many others series from her.. Haha!! Cos is funny!!

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Liverpool 800th Happy Birthday

Today is a special day for Liverpool.. 800th Anniversary!! There are parade in the city and live band in Liverpool City.. Damn nice!! It's worst that I didn't bring my camera and take the scenario.. So regret!! Once in my life, but I have missed it.. At 10pm sharp, Albert Dock has firework, for the celebration of Liverpool.. This August I will put a words in - - - - "Happening Summer".. What's a wonderful summer..

In this Summer, Rushing assignment, seeing people falling in love, arguing, and sometimes gossiping about people around.. My house kitchen has become a place for the women to gossip.. Haha~~ With my funny housemates (Sharron, Elaine and Jessie). We are all gossip around, it's really happening.. Sometimes chit-chat till forget to do our assignments.. Hehe~~ This is how women gossip..

When I heard the sound of firework, I'm thinking that National Day is coming soon.. Merdeka~ Merdeka~ Merdeka~ But I'm not in KL, so can't accompany my dear to see the firework.. Too bad.. :( I'm going back soon.. Days remaining: 9 Yahoo!!

Sunday, 26 August 2007





Saturday, 18 August 2007

Sex Toys

That day have bought some sex toys from Smiffys, Liverpool.. It 's hard to find sex toys in KL and it costly, so decided to have it and buy it as gift for friend.. Haha~~ What unique of these sex toys is...... it can grow in WET!! It's actual size is small and it can grow up to 600%.. Maybe just look like a real one.. It's funny, then get myself one boobs and one Willy.. Then one boobs for my friend, Vincent.. Think he will like it, coz he is so "ham sap".. Hohoho!!

When I reach KL, will then have a try of these sex toys, see what going to happen to it and how big it can grow.. I'm so curious, can't wait to open.....

Buffet Lunch at MaySUM~~

Tuesday just submit my another assignment which is Democracy, Jounalism and Society, really no idea why I have to learn something related to this topic, but is ok now.. Luckily most of the subjects is assignment base, only one exam on 5th September.. Now have to do another assignment regarding audience, really hard for me to do such assignment, suffering....

After submitting the assignment, have a buffet lunch with friends (Elaine, Jessie, Chloe and See Ying) in MaySum, one of the Chinese Buffet in Liverpool, cost 5 pounds/person. It's consider cheap, food is not bad also. Next will try to have lunch in Yates, maybe after exam or next submission of assignment. Haha~~

Eating Ice-Cream (C~O~L~D)

Elaine and Me > > > > > > Pretending cute...... Yippie!!


Chloe, Me and Elaine

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