Wednesday, 10 October 2007

1 Year Anniversary @ A' Famosa

Last Sunday, a special day for me and my dear, is our first year anniversary.. So happy can be with him for the past one year.. Giving me lots of laugh and happiness.. Although only a short period, but I appreciate all he gave me..

Last month we bought the package from MATTA Fair.. It's really cheap.. The package includes 2 days 1 night (Resort Hotel), Breakfast, Animal World Safari and RM10 Cash Voucher for meal.. That's is too little activity for us, so we add-on another activity, which is purchase the entrance tickets for Cowboy Town.. All together cost us RM244..

This is the second time I visit A' Famosa.. Last time was with my secondary school friends.. Last time more fun, cos last time has no extra charges for the game in Cowboy Town, but now seems like everything have to pay for it.. No fun at all.. EXPENSIVE ar.. In Safari will be better, they provides many shows.. Bird Show, Multi-Animal Show, Elephant Show and Wild Wild West Show.. All the show was nice and good.. This time when in the truck going in the Safari, I saw Lion mating.. Haha~~ All the people in the truck was exciting..

Lion Mating

Me and dear after the Bird Show - Background: Greater Flamingo

Wild Wild West Show

At Cowboy Town

Me and Dear

Fish Pond Outside the Cowboy Town

Second day of the Malacca Trip, we go into the Malacca Town.. Having the famous Chicken Rice Ball.. I don't like the Chicken Rice Ball, but so far consider delicious.. Haha~~ The shop being recommended in TV.. 阿贤人情味

文化街 〉〉〉〉街尾 - 合记鸡粒饭

~~~THE END~~~

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