Tuesday, 28 February 2012


今年的情人节,我们到了星期六才庆祝,因为情人节当天彬彬刚从怡保回来,所以没出去庆祝。星期六晚上,我们就去了Ulu Langat 的Fish Farm Thai Restaurant吃泰国餐,整天听人家说很好吃,但是都还没试过,这次终于有机会了。餐牌上有很多好吃的,但是我们才两个人,所以没点太多的东西,下 次要多一点人去吃才行。


TomYam 海鲜汤










Tuesday, 21 February 2012

CNY Trip - Legend of the Seas - Day 1

Royal Caribbean - Legend of the Seas

Yoohoo!! I'm back from my Cruise and Singapore trip during this CNY. Superb relax! Superb enjoy! Superb fun!

This time I'm sailing with Royal Caribbean, with their Legend of the Seas 海洋神话号, to have the 5 Night Spice of Southeast Asia Cruise to these places.

Singapore - Port Klang - Langkawi - Phuket - Singapore

On day 1, we woke up early in the morning to airport, get the early flight to Singapore.. At 8.30, we reached Singapore Changi Airport. From there, we slowly take MRT to Harbour Front Center. After checked-in our luggage, we then walk around at Vivo City and have our lunch before boarding. The boarding time starts at 11am - 3pm, and depart at 5pm. Just to be safe, we reached there earlier.

From the boarding gate all the way to the ships, there are so many crews standby to give help to all the passengers. Before aboard, we have to hand out our passport to the crew, and they will kept it for us until the last day.

Before we aboard, we already know our cabin number. So once we aboard, we can then go to our cabin directly, the stateroom at Deck 3. The smallest cabin of the ship, and without window, but for us, is big enough, just that we wouldn't know it's sunrise or sunset outside.

Our Cabin @ Deck 3

"Before our guests board their ship, they are issued a SeaPass card that is used to check their identity each time they board and leave the vessel. It is also used to gain access to their cabin, as a form of identification, and to make onboard purchases. The card is linked to electronic data, including the guest's photograph to assist with onboard activities such as verifying the guest's identity when they leave and return to the ship."

After settle down all the things, we move ourselves to Deck 9 & 10, to explore the facilities provided by the ship, also to have some light food at the Windjammers Restaurant. Then we back to our cabin to wait for the fire drill, it's compulsory to all the passengers to get to the muster station for a short briefing.

Outdoor Swimming Pool @ Deck 9

Indoor Swimming Pool @ Deck 9

Mini Golf @ Deck 9

Rock Climbing @ Deck 9

For Day 1, nothing much to do, have a nap after the muster drill. Then we take bath and go for our dinner at Deck 5, the Romeo and Juliet Restaurant. It's standard meal dinner instead of in buffet style. For dinner menu, there are 5 starters, 7 main dishes, and more than 5 desserts to choose from. The starters and main dishes look nice, but it's taste are too salty. But their desserts is super super delicious, love it!

The Menu without PRICE

Day 1 Dinner @ Romeo & Juliet Restaurant, Deck 5

Since the first day cruising, dinner served was very slow, dinner starts at 8.15pm, and ends at 10.30pm. This caused us missed the Day 1 show. Erm...

To be continued... CNY Trip - Legend of the Seas - Day 2
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