Sunday, 12 January 2014

Baby Moon's 1st Birthday


January 11, 2013 - I have gave birth to my little baby girl. And now, she is turning ONE!! Time flies~

It seems only yesterday we welcome her into this world. Thanks, she is growing healthy and happy. I'm so lucky and praise the god for me to have such a lovely daughter. She bring us love, joy, warm and laughter. Love you, my little sweetheart.

Mummy wishing you "身体健康、快高长大、开心每一天". Happy Birthday~

Thank you all relatives and friends for celebrating Baby Moon's 1st Birthday and all the lovely and wonderful presents and big big AngPao. 

Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Year New Wishes 2014


Quoted from New Year Wishes 2013
Baby grow up healthy
Do not worry about money
Have our own house
Find a good job

It's been a year for being a MOM, not an easy task for me, but I will keep paying my full responsible to take care of my little baby girl. Thanks god she is growing up healthy and happily. Although still worrying about money, but I have spend lesser compare to last time, it is a good start to save money for future use. I really hope that we can have our own house, but still not the right time yet, have to work more harder to make this come true. 

I tried to find a job, but interviewed for few jobs, no response at all, so I just planned not to work anymore. Stay at home and take good care of the naughty Moon Moon. Sounds better!!  

While for this year, I have new wishes, hope its come true.

Baby grow up healthy
Have our Home Sweet Home
Don't have to work
Get ONE more Baby (MAYBE)
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