Thursday, 17 April 2008


Haha.. Finally I get more than 2k a month for my salary.. That's good for me, keke!! Then I can spend my money with no worries and can save some money for travel and future use..

Hmmm.. Actually I don't like this company, but now, I still working, wondering why.. Maybe just because I'm lazy with those interview.. I hate interview, facing stranger and talk about all bullshit.. And so, if I got a new job, I have to spend time to build up some relationship with new colleagues.. Damn "Ma Fan".. So, I give up to get a new job..

Today one funny thing happened, my big boss come to me and said "you already work for one month plus, but I just see you twice".. After that I also don't know how to answer, so just as normal, SMILE!! Actually I saw him many times in office, just he didn't realize me, am I so little? or really a small potato.. Haihz.. Can't blame him also, because most of time I'm outside busy my roadshow thing, that's why he don't know me.. I think he don't even know my name, maybe!! Haha!!

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