Monday, 21 April 2008

Sunday Life

Today very free oh, cos no roadshow.. So have a meet with Sharron, Andrew and Ven Ping.. We celebrate Sharron Birthday at Avenue K..

Happy Birthday, Sharron!!

Mini Chocolate Banana Cake

Then I went to Mid Valley, there have the property fair, just have a look on the mattress, cos wanna change bed, but so so expensive.. Maybe just buy it from those small furniture shop.. Then I can get a cheaper price..

After that, I have my dinner at Dragon-i.. Muahaha.. After I get my salary, this is the first meal I treat Phin.. but Dragon-i at Mid Valley not that delicious compare to One Utama and Pavilion.. After my dinner, is time to start shopping.. Finally I get myself 3 shirts and 1 pair of sandal.. Hehe..

Dragon-i Chopstick








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