Wednesday, 27 June 2012

许留山 @ Times Square




Sunday, 24 June 2012

CNY Trip - Legend of the Seas & USS - Day 7

Continuing my post!!

It's our last day, and it's time to say bye bye!!

Today, we will take the 4.35pm flight back to KL, so we still have a half day free time in Singapore. Wake up slowly in the morning to have our complimentary breakfast at the Al Fresco Cafe, it's a outdoor dining area, nice environment and nice breakfast served.

After breakfast, we have a walk at Siloso Beach, so relax in the fresh early morning. Wish we can stay here for more days, but we can't.

Never ended of this relaxing moment, we then get back to our room to prepare ourselves to the swimming pool. The swimming pool located at the inner of the resort, is shady where there are tree around the swimming pool. Love the huge and nice shaped of swimming pool.

I'm freezing when going in to the pool, the water is so cold. But awhile, we have get to the water temperature. I can just swim for a short distance, so this swimming pool is kinda big for me. I'm so embarrassed when I swam with my kindergarten skill. People around are good in swimming, just both of us are playing in the water.

And so fast, we have to end our swimming section. It's time to check out from the hotel. After getting out from Beach Station, we head to Imbiah Station, just for "The Merlion". A-must-see icon of Singapore. But I preferred the one at Merlion Park.

Know what, I found my favourite soya bean drink at the 7-11 in Singapore, it's "Vitasoy". Love this so much!! With Vitasoy, my day even bright and happy.

After the photo section at Imbiah Station, we have to go to airport. Unwilling to go, but we have to. Bye Bye to Singapore!


Monday, 11 June 2012

CNY Trip - Legend of the Seas + USS - Day 6

Day 6 - Legend of the Seas + Sentosa Island + Universal Studio Singapore

Our last day, it's time to leave the ship. All guests has been informed the time of leaving, so it won't get messed. For individual guests like us, time to disembark is at 9 o'clock. We woke up early in morning, and slowly prepared ourselves. After claimed our luggage, we then head to our next destination - Sentosa Island.

As we are taking our huge luggage, we then straight away take the train at Vivo City to Sentosa Island, to check-in our hotel at "Siloso Beach Resort". It's a 4 stars rated hotel, which is nice from the interior and exterior as well as the charges, 1 night stay cost of $220 for a superior room.

Rest for a while, we starts to move ourselves to the Universal Studio Singapore, located at the second station, Waterfront Station. Where we can have all the fun here, beside USS, the resorts world was here as well.

The ticket for USS is expensive, even we have 15% discount for Maybank Credit Card, and it's still expensive. Since we are here, for sure we won't miss the chance to have a visit. And who knows, the thrilling and unforgettable experience are waiting for us and the nightmare slowly begins.

There are 7 themes in the park and each theme has its own attractions. Knew that most of the people are going for the Transformer 3D ride at the Sci-Fi City. So, let's go one-by-one. From the entrance, the first theme on the left is "Hollywood", and here, we met the KungFu Panda "Ah Po".

Then we have our lunch at the Hollywood China Bistro before move to the next theme. We had ordered one fried rice with scallop and one pot of Chinese tea, and it costs us around $30, which I think is expensive.

And our next theme, "Madagascar". And a song flashed in my mind, "I like to Move It, Move It". Yes, met Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria. And here, there are 2 attractions, with "Madagascar: A Crate Adventure" & "King Julien's Beach Party-Go-Round", and we tried both of it. After that, we met Alex and friends, also the photo section with Alex and Penguins.

Then we move to "Far Far Away". The place to meet Shrek, but we are at the wrong timing. We saw Shrek character when we queuing up for Shrek 4D adventure, after the show, Shrek has gone. We missed the photo section with Shrek, but luckily, we met another cute character, which is Puss In Boots. It's so cute.

After that, we have entered to "The Lost World". This theme is fun and great. Especially the live WaterWorld show, it caught my attention, they do very well with the explosions and thrill. Lucky that we are not sitting at the wet area, or else, we are going to be a "wet chicky".

I love the "Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure" as well, before get into the queue, we well equipped with rain coat and packed all the things inside the plastic bag, where we know the game will get us wet. The end, we are wet too, water coming in all the way of the river raft ride.

Wow~ Here's my nightmare begins!! At the "Ancient Egypt". We put all our valuable thing to the locker and move ourself to this darkness indoor roller coaster. At first, we wouldn't know it's such a thrill, but once we entered the maze, we can't even go out, have to force ourself to move forward. About 45 seconds, we reached the queue station for this roller coaster.

Roller Coaster moving fast and speed up in the darkness space. I'm so afraid of darkness, can't even see what's is in front. So try to close my eye all the way, but suddenly the roller coaster has stopped and move backward. I'm like "Oh my God", because we are sitting at the last roll.. Arrrrrrr.... Freaking nervous and can't even control myself to shout-out.

After the walked out from the darkness, we felt a bit dizzy, maybe we are old and can't stand for this kind of excitement any more. Rest for a while, we move to the next theme, "Sci-Fi City". Both red and blue is waiting for us. HUMAN & CYLON (The Battlestar Galactica)

Both of these are the most killing, we tried it one-by-one. After the game, I vomit, vomit my lunch. It's suffering. Just wonder how's other people condition after playing the game. Do they have the same symptom with us? Dizzy and feel to vomit?

For me, I think not to waste money so I try all the extreme games. But it's really suffered.

After all those extreme, I thought to have a nice one for Transformers The Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle, but this make me even worst. No doubt, the illustration is great, but the whole ride is swaying. My dizzy make me feel to vomit during the ride. OMG~

I will visit it again, but not so soon, just because I'm scared of vomiting.

To be continued... CNY Trip - Legend of the Seas + USS - Day 7
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