Sunday, 24 June 2012

CNY Trip - Legend of the Seas & USS - Day 7

Continuing my post!!

It's our last day, and it's time to say bye bye!!

Today, we will take the 4.35pm flight back to KL, so we still have a half day free time in Singapore. Wake up slowly in the morning to have our complimentary breakfast at the Al Fresco Cafe, it's a outdoor dining area, nice environment and nice breakfast served.

After breakfast, we have a walk at Siloso Beach, so relax in the fresh early morning. Wish we can stay here for more days, but we can't.

Never ended of this relaxing moment, we then get back to our room to prepare ourselves to the swimming pool. The swimming pool located at the inner of the resort, is shady where there are tree around the swimming pool. Love the huge and nice shaped of swimming pool.

I'm freezing when going in to the pool, the water is so cold. But awhile, we have get to the water temperature. I can just swim for a short distance, so this swimming pool is kinda big for me. I'm so embarrassed when I swam with my kindergarten skill. People around are good in swimming, just both of us are playing in the water.

And so fast, we have to end our swimming section. It's time to check out from the hotel. After getting out from Beach Station, we head to Imbiah Station, just for "The Merlion". A-must-see icon of Singapore. But I preferred the one at Merlion Park.

Know what, I found my favourite soya bean drink at the 7-11 in Singapore, it's "Vitasoy". Love this so much!! With Vitasoy, my day even bright and happy.

After the photo section at Imbiah Station, we have to go to airport. Unwilling to go, but we have to. Bye Bye to Singapore!


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