Monday, 28 March 2011

Matta Fair 2011 (March)

The first half year of 2011, I've planned myself a very pack holiday from March - July, which is Bangkok (March), Singapore (May) and Hong Kong (July). And because of the date is too close to each other, I forced to cancel one of my trip to Singapore. It's also caused of the the expenses in Singapore, as it's too high, I'd rather save my money to spend in Hong Kong. :)

And now, it's confirmed to cancel my Singapore trip. Since I'm free during May, I'm going for "Cuti-Cuti Malaysia". Last week Matta Fair, I have booked a package to "The Lost World of Tambun Ipoh". Just want to have a short trip to compensate myself for losing the Singapore trip. :'(

Package Rate of RM230.00 nett
2D/1N Stay @ Lost World Hotel inclusive of:
- 1 Night Stay at Exotic Room
- 2 Local Set Breakfast
- 2 Adult Lost World of Tambun Entrance Tickets
- 2 Night Hot Spring Tickets

The Lost World of Tambun Ipoh is now launching their new hotel, so we are the first batch (white mice) to stay in the hotel. The hotel opens in May, and now we can do the reservation, but don't know when to go. Awaiting...

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Today's Special - 蔡依林

今天星期天,我和彬彬做了一件有点无聊的事情,就是去看蔡依林的“Myself演唱会发布与歌迷见面会”。我从“大嫂”那里拿了两张特别准证,去看蔡依林,由于是Low Yat Plaza赞助场地,所以可以拿到2张准证,原本以为位子不错,怎么知道,却是大家挤在一团。而且站在我们前面的就是蔡依林马来西亚歌迷后援会的成员,吵死了!

户外的小舞台(Low Yat Plaza大门口)



这 个“Myself演唱会发布与歌迷见面会”的指定电台就是Myfm,所以现场的司仪就是Myfm的菲比。在蔡依林还没到现场之前,菲比就找了几个现场的朋友们上台模仿蔡依林唱歌跳舞。今天我终于见识到了,疯狂粉丝原来是这样的,他们可以从头到尾,把蔡依林的歌曲舞蹈都秀出来,这也太厉害了吧!

Myfm电台DJ - 菲比










Saturday, 26 March 2011

~2554~ Bangkok-Pattaya Shopping Fun Day 5

The last day of our trip, not willing to go back, but we had to go back. =(

Day 5: Central World, Platinum Mall, Suvarnabhumi Airport

As with yesterday, we have breakfast at the hotel before we go out for shopping. Because it is the last day in Bangkok, we need to do the final sprint. Yes, shopping shopping shopping. Once again, we went to Platinum Mall.

Before our crazy shopping, we went to Central World, just right opposite of Big C Supercenter. It's also one of the victim during last year riots in Bangkok, the conditions of Central World are almost the same with Big C, and now they are still ongoing their progress on the renovation. Hope they can back to normal in the soonest.

Central World is NOW OPEN

Although we have our breakfast, but we can not escape from the food temptation. And here, I have my favorite "Auntie Anne's". As I mentioned in previous blog, different country produce different kind of food and menu, the same with Auntie Anne's and KFC in Thailand.

Auntie Anne's, they served with cheese, double-cheese and I like cheese~ Say CHEEEEEEESE!

The Auntie Anne's Kiosk

Double Cheese Ham Pretzel Roll

Cheesy Chicken Bites

KFC, what they have, we don't have~ Ice-Cream and Egg Tart! But today just found out, Malaysia has bringing in the Egg Tart, haven't try yet, will try it in the soonest.

Dessert Menu @ KFC

Egg Tart @ KFC

Phew~ So fast, we have to end our shopping, as we need to go back to the hotel before 4 o'clock, where the travel agent will send us to the airport. Then we have lunch nearby our hotel, it's easy for us to go back before the driver come.

Set A

Set B

Ooooo.. After eating lunch, it's time to go to airport, because we are early, we checked-in first then walked around at the duty free area. Meantime, to eat something before aboard.

Again, Mango Stick Rice
(So expensive, airport: 150baht, outside: 50baht)

Burger King - Nugget Set

Chicken Wing

Hawaiian Chicken Pizza from The Pizza Company

These few days in Bangkok, Phin Phin don't even have himself a piece of beloved things, until he saw this mobile phone, "i-mobile". Phin Phin like this phone so much as it's cheap and it's duo sim card function. He had been long looking for a duo sim-card phone since last year, and those phones are Made in China, China Brand, it's expensive too. And now, he got what he want. A cheap and nice mobile phone. But recently, there's problem with my phone, and force to use Phin Phin's phone until I've a new one. What phone should I buy?

i-mobile: Duo Sim-Card Phone (山寨版), with both English and Thai Language
Made in Thailand

Keypad with Thai and English Alphabet

Woo.. It's so quickly for our 5 days 4 nights Bangkok-Pattaya Tour. 4 of us are happy, mostly me and Pui Kuan, as we love shopping. Bangkok really a good place for shopping, will plan again in the coming year 2012, hope Phin Phin will not get bored and say "No" to me. Hehe :)

The end... 8 March 2554.. Happy Holidays~

Sunday, 20 March 2011

~2554~ Bangkok-Pattaya Shopping Fun Day 4

A day with food, shopping and massage, so relaxing!! I like this way of life~

Day 4: Pratunam Market, Platinum Mall, Big C Supercenter

In the fourth day, we turned on our leisure mood to the peak.. We woke up around 9 o'clock in the morning, slowly enjoy our breakfast in the hotel, without any hurry. Then we go back to room to discuss our plan for today. At first, we thought to go for Safari World, but the charges are so expensive, 1200baht/person. Me and Pui Kuan think that it's not worth it, better we use this money to shop for more nice clothes. :) We are just the light shopaholic!

Remember the tour guide mentioned to us before, there is one market at Pratunam area. Since we don't know where to go, we all agreed to go for this market, it's an indoor+outdoor market. And here, we met a very terrible thing, when we are screening on the clothes, suddenly, there are people running towards our way and screaming loudly in Thai, of course we don't know what happened and what they are talking about, we only followed them to run out from the building. When we are outside, saw there is smoke from a shop, just that we know one of the shop is on fire. We hurried leave the place as we do not know what will happen later. Afraid~

Then no choice, we move ourselves to Platinum Mall, this time, we went to the shopping mall next to it, forget what it's name, although there are not many shops, but their variety are almost the same with Platinum Mall. And as usual, Phin Phin and Jek Chee wait us at the coffee shop, me and Pui Kuan go for shopping. After 2 hours, we felt tired and hungry, then we go for our lunch at 6th Floor, Platinum Mall, the food court. This food court is well organized, before we make any order, we have to swipe a card, and this card can buy from the cashier counter. We have to credit into the card in order to purchase food from the food counter. If there is balance, we can get back the money.

Platinum Mall Food Center (Food Card)

Fried Chicken Rice

Thai Fried Mee

Ice Blended Juicy Mango Juice (Thai Mango - Ichiban desu)

When I'm oversea, I like to try on fast food, like KFC and McD, try something different from own country, because each country has its own menu and flavor. While in Thailand, they served the same "Hot&Spicy" fried chicken as Malaysia, and their own flavor too, which is "KFC Wing Z Zabb", crispy and non spicy fried chicken. Yummy Yummy~ I love fried chicken, but I hate calories!

KFC Pepsi

Fried Chicken (Hot & Spicy, Wing Z Zabb) @ KFC, Thailand

After lunch, we continued our shopping, another 2 hours to go.. Then we back to hotel have a short break and take bath before our dinner. 7 o'clock, we get ready to out for dinner, this time, we went to Big C Supercenter. Since last year incident, Big C is now ongoing their renovation and can see that, it's partially done. We dinner at their food court, nice environment.

The Noodles Station

The Rice Express Counter

The International Food Counter

The Beverage Counter

Spaghetti Garlic Dried Chilli and Grilled Chicken


Chicken Set

Super BBQ Pork Set

Thai Tao Fu Fa

Ginger Taste very heavy

After our dinner, we walked around Big C, found out something new here. We saw that all the game machine are play connected with LCD TV. Ya, it's LCD TV, so advance compare to our own country, we should improve.

Racing Game Machine

Shooting Game Machine with Samsung TV

Phin Phin and Penguin

Me and Penguin

Then we passed by one of the bakery shop, saw this spotted color cake. Looks so cute and attractive, can wait to buy a slice. Inside is the color layer cake, but it's taste so sweet and the cake itself so hard. Not delicious at all, just the outlook of the cake is nice. Being cheated, but good try. So special~

Spotted Color Cake (looks nice)

Color Cake (Layer like rainbow)

Street food:

Fried Mini Yau Zha Guai with Kaya

Steam Corn (Cream-Color Corn and Normal Yellow Corn)

The Banana + Egg Pancake with condensed milk

After dinner and street food, the night is still young, we are desperate to go for massage before leaving Bangkok, so we go for massage, where just nearby our hotel. This time, we chose to have 1 hour foot massage and 1 hour Thai oil massage, 2 hours massage just 550baht, it's cheap. And that night itself, I have a good sleep, so comfortable.

My 瞎拼战利品 for myself and my niece

That's all for Day 4, 7 March 2554 (to be continued...)

Saturday, 12 March 2011

~2554~ Bangkok-Pattaya Shopping Fun Day 3

Day 3 - Bangkok, Thailand
Half Day City Tour (Temple of Dawn, Wat Arun 曼谷郑王庙, Boat Ride, Jewelry Factory, Bee Factory, Four Face Buddha)
Chatuchak Weekend Market, Siam Paragon, MBK, Chamchuri Square

Time flies, the third day of our trip. This day, we have been arranged to join for a half-day city tour, which is included in our ground tour package. We met up with our tour guide Ah Bing at 7.20am, then we go to our first stop, boat ride to visit Wat Arun, is a one of the landmark of Thailand, located at west riverbank of Chao Phraya River. Because we are wearing shorts, so we are prohibited from entering the temple. We just walk around the temple, and here they do have the photo section, which we can wear the Thai National Costume to take photo. Since it's not expensive, I have a try.

Chee Chee, Kuan Kuan, Peng Peng, and Phin Phin

Our Tour Guide - Ah Bing
(He can speak well Chinese)

Boat Ride

Wat Arun (The Temple of Dawn)

HuiPeng with Thai Costume (100baht)

When we are inside the boat, there is a lady selling the welcome flower to tourists. At first, thought it's not forcing, but who knows she forced us to buy for the flower. No choice! We bought it! Then we proceed to Jewelry Factory, we have been given a 10% discount voucher for all merchandise, we do use this voucher, but not on the jewelry, we use it to buy for some accessories (belt and necklace). After Jewelry factory, we move to Bee factory, at here, we taste the honey ice-cream, so yummy. And it's raw honey taste good too, just their price are too high, one small bottle cost around 600baht. So we just bought the bottled honey. And lastly, we dismissed at Four-Face Buddha, we saw that there are many believer pray for the good one, we too. :)

Me with the Welcome Flower (forced to buy 20baht)

Four Face Buddha

At Chit Lom Station, on the way to Chatuchak

At Chatuchak market, it's still the same as my last visit in 2010, hot and crowded. Really can't stand for this hot weather, very difficult to feel the breathe. After half-an-hour, I'm outside the market, to breathe of fresh air. Many people say that Chatuchak can buy a lot of things, but I just bought a pair of shorts, so little.

We met up with Jek Chee and Pui Kuan at the BTS, then we go to Siam Paragon area for shopping. But Siam Paragon are high consumption place, it's not suitable for us, so we changed to MBK, the place I like the most. Especially the massage, highly recommend "Nice Face Beauty & Massage" located at 3rd Floor, MBK. I have visited for twice, and because it's so comfortable, I fell asleep. Phin Phin even snoring inside the shop. Although I'm asleep, but I heard Phin Phin's snoring, it's loud and so embarrassing. Ops!! paiseh~

Nice Face Beauty & Massage (3rd Floor, MBK)

After a nice massage, we went for our dinner. But our dinner journey is so difficult, use one and half hour to reach to our destination at SamYan. Referred to the map printed, there is one restaurant which is nearby MBK, and we are not familiar with the road, so decides to ask Tuk Tuk to send us there, he firmed that he can bring us to the exact location. But the end, he brought us to the fake Somboon Seafood Restaurant. When we are at the fake restaurant, the Tuk Tuk driver still saying that this restaurant is the one we are looking for, but we also confirmed it's not. F*** him!! Somemore the charges for Tuk Tuk is not cheap, we have pay him for 150baht.

Then we went to the nearest BTS Station to ask about the place, the receptionist guided us to the location which can be reached by BTS. Then we interchanged at Silom Station for MRT, just one station to go to SamYan Station. Walk about 3 minutes, we saw Chamchuri Square, our dinner location is here. And finally, we are here!! What we ordered are the signature dishes from Somboon Seafood. So yummy!!

Somboon Seafood @ Chamchuri Square

Must Try!! Curry Crab



Seafood TomYam

Spicy Garoupa

My 瞎拼战利品

Day 3 passed. 6 March 2554 (to be continued...)
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