Saturday, 26 March 2011

~2554~ Bangkok-Pattaya Shopping Fun Day 5

The last day of our trip, not willing to go back, but we had to go back. =(

Day 5: Central World, Platinum Mall, Suvarnabhumi Airport

As with yesterday, we have breakfast at the hotel before we go out for shopping. Because it is the last day in Bangkok, we need to do the final sprint. Yes, shopping shopping shopping. Once again, we went to Platinum Mall.

Before our crazy shopping, we went to Central World, just right opposite of Big C Supercenter. It's also one of the victim during last year riots in Bangkok, the conditions of Central World are almost the same with Big C, and now they are still ongoing their progress on the renovation. Hope they can back to normal in the soonest.

Central World is NOW OPEN

Although we have our breakfast, but we can not escape from the food temptation. And here, I have my favorite "Auntie Anne's". As I mentioned in previous blog, different country produce different kind of food and menu, the same with Auntie Anne's and KFC in Thailand.

Auntie Anne's, they served with cheese, double-cheese and I like cheese~ Say CHEEEEEEESE!

The Auntie Anne's Kiosk

Double Cheese Ham Pretzel Roll

Cheesy Chicken Bites

KFC, what they have, we don't have~ Ice-Cream and Egg Tart! But today just found out, Malaysia has bringing in the Egg Tart, haven't try yet, will try it in the soonest.

Dessert Menu @ KFC

Egg Tart @ KFC

Phew~ So fast, we have to end our shopping, as we need to go back to the hotel before 4 o'clock, where the travel agent will send us to the airport. Then we have lunch nearby our hotel, it's easy for us to go back before the driver come.

Set A

Set B

Ooooo.. After eating lunch, it's time to go to airport, because we are early, we checked-in first then walked around at the duty free area. Meantime, to eat something before aboard.

Again, Mango Stick Rice
(So expensive, airport: 150baht, outside: 50baht)

Burger King - Nugget Set

Chicken Wing

Hawaiian Chicken Pizza from The Pizza Company

These few days in Bangkok, Phin Phin don't even have himself a piece of beloved things, until he saw this mobile phone, "i-mobile". Phin Phin like this phone so much as it's cheap and it's duo sim card function. He had been long looking for a duo sim-card phone since last year, and those phones are Made in China, China Brand, it's expensive too. And now, he got what he want. A cheap and nice mobile phone. But recently, there's problem with my phone, and force to use Phin Phin's phone until I've a new one. What phone should I buy?

i-mobile: Duo Sim-Card Phone (山寨版), with both English and Thai Language
Made in Thailand

Keypad with Thai and English Alphabet

Woo.. It's so quickly for our 5 days 4 nights Bangkok-Pattaya Tour. 4 of us are happy, mostly me and Pui Kuan, as we love shopping. Bangkok really a good place for shopping, will plan again in the coming year 2012, hope Phin Phin will not get bored and say "No" to me. Hehe :)

The end... 8 March 2554.. Happy Holidays~

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