Friday, 11 March 2011

~2554~ Bangkok-Pattaya Shopping Fun Day 2

A tired day for us

Day 2 - Pattaya-Bangkok, Thailand
Pattaya Floating Market, Platinum Mall

We get up early in the morning as we want to go to the Pattaya Floating Market. It's just nearby our hotel, 5 minutes walk from hotel. Usually, floating market open early morning around 7am, but this market starts at 10am. As we are too early, many shops and paddle boats not open for business yet. So we have to wait for them to open, we walked around the market to seek for our breakfast, luckily, there are a stall open for early business. We have our light breakfast as we know there are so many snacks and food are waiting for us after 10am. Hehe~

Pattaya Floating Market

Fried Chicken Rice

MeeHon Soup


Nice Environment, a good place to eat

In the market, we can find the local cuisine and snacks, it's all taste good. Just that our stomach not big enough to put in all the delicious food, or else we have tried it all. Let's check it out!!

Colorful Dessert

Egg Shape Ice-Cream (Vanilla Flavor)


Barbecue Pork

The making

Quail Egg with "Big C" Soy Sauce and Pepper

My favorite Mango Stick Rice

The Bamboo Rice

Insect - Fried Grasshopper, Scorpion, Worm and Beetle
(So disgusting, not dare to eat)

While walking around the market, we saw there is a mail box right in front of a shop, where to give the tourists and visitors to post a lovely postcard to their friends and relatives. I didn't do so, which I know it will reach my home in 2 weeks time.

We spent around 3 hours in this floating market, eating and taking pictures. Then we went back to the hotel, prepare for check-out. Since we are going back to Bangkok, we have booked for the taxi to send us back, and taxi will only reach at 12.15pm. Then I tried to ask the reception counter, to delay half-an-hour for our check-out time, but he firm to say that we can't stay inside the room after 12noon. No choice, then we quickly take shower and pack all our things. Know what??!! Sharp at 12noon, the hotel cut-off our electric, where we are still inside our room. Yes! Cut-off.... That time I was like "F***", what services is it. Very disappointed.

Fortunately the taxi reach on time, or we have to wait a long time. We quickly leave this bad hotel. Phew~ Another 1 and half hour car journey to go back Bangkok. Taxi driver directly send us to the hotel in Bangkok, "P2 Boutique". Nice and clean hotel, with good services as well. Thumb up!!

Twin-Sharing Room with LCD TV


Me and Phin Phin in the room

Once we settle down everything, we went to the nearest stall for lunch. Because the menu board wrote in Thai, we don't even understand, so we order the same with the table next to us. Although it's just a small portion, but it's enough to fill our hunger. Its taste good too.

Street Food Stall

Fish ball MeeHoon (small portion but with 9 fish balls in one bowl) cost only 30baht

Local Thai Pork MeeHoon Soup

After our meal, we starts to go for shopping, The Platinum Mall. A place to seek for nice blouse, pants and dress. And here, I have bought 3 dresses, 2 short pants, 2 blouses, 3 t-shirts, 1 flat shoe, and 1 high heel.

My “瞎拼战利品” 大收获

Cute Little Bikini Set (For my future baby), wish to get a baby girl

End of the day, 5 March 2554 (to be continued...)

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