Thursday, 10 March 2011

~2554~ Bangkok-Pattaya Shopping Fun Day 1

Hard to express my feeling right now, really not willing to come back from Bangkok, the shopping paradise. Now it's just the second week of March, but I need to declare bankruptcy for this month, as I've spent more than I expected. :(

Day 1 - Pattaya, Thailand

On the 4th March, Malaysia time 1040 morning, we departure from LCC Terminal. After 2 hours flight, Thailand time 1140, we arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok. And it's time for us to start our relaxing, fun and nice shopping journey. Our first stop, Pattaya. We took the public cab from airport to Pattaya, cost 1700baht (including tips) for one way. After one and half hour car journey, we arrived our destination, "Sweet Love Inn", the hotel we booked early through internet. Looks nice, but not the same as what we see in the website, feeling a little bit of being cheated.

Hotel exterior, each unit has its own car porch for parking, suitable for one-night-stand

Hotel interior with King size bed

The bed

Toilet and the big bath tub


After a short break, we went out for our first meal. Know what? We have our meal at a petrol station, with the delicious packed food from 7-eleven, our best friend during this trip. Hehe :) Then we go back to hotel, after take bath everything, we prepared to go to Pattaya town for Tiffany's Carabet Show. Since it's too early, we go to the nearest massage center, Savanna, to have a nice full massage before the show. It's so cheap, 1 hour Thai massage, cost only 150baht. Really can't get this price in KL.

Packed food from 7-11 (Delicious Teriyaki Chicken Rice and Pork Chop Rice)

Nice environment of Massage

Massage Sharing Room

Tiffany's show starts at 7.30pm, show duration 1 hour 15 minutes, it's quite a nice show, but there have no storyline, just the ladyboy performance, but overall is good to see, as most of the ladyboys are so beautiful and charming. They are really gorgeous, some are even prettier than a lady. After the show ended, of course can't miss the chance to take a photo with them, each photo 40baht. So I have chose the most prettiest among the ladyboy, and Phin Phin has chose the nice body shape ladyboy. Do they look beautiful?

Me and Miss Tiffany's Winner

Phin Phin with the pretty ladyboy

Well, it's our dinner time, we have our dinner just opposite the show hall, we have ordered a pineapple fried rice, tomyam kong, and pizza, but so weird, the pizza served-in delivery services, pizza is inside the box. That's place is more to tourists, so I assumed they can speak English, when we asked them question, they can't even answer us. Until we settle the bill, they can't give us an answer, why the pizza is inside the box. So disappointed, but I can't demand too high. Sigh~

Pineapple Fried Rice

Yummylicious Tom Yum

Two Pretty - Pui Kuan and Me

Two Brothers - Phin Phin and Chee Chee

Phew~ That's all in Day 1, 4 March 2554 (to be continued......)

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