Friday, 25 February 2011

Big Mistake

Why? Why would I made this kind of mistake. Never happened before this. Maybe I'm too sleepy or too excited.

Beginning of the story:-
I know that AirAsia has the RM5 promo during this week, and its travel period is within September 2011 to February 2012. I tried to search for Sabah and wish to go back the next CNY (sounds so fast, as the CNY just past two weeks ago). I searched through Google, found out that 23/1/2012 is day 1 for CNY, it's on Monday. Then we planned to go back on the Saturday, which is 21/1/2012, but the fare is quite expensive, so Phin Phin proposed to go back one day early. Then I update my date to check again the rates. Know what? One day early is more cheaper, depart with only RM10, and return with RM83.

Since it's so cheap, apart from anything else, me and Phin Phin decided to book for this flight time. After settle payment everything, I go back and view my confirmation...... OH MY GOD!!!! The date stated is on FEBRUARY!!!! What happened? I looked at my screen, I'm stunned for few second. How come? As I wanted to book on January 20, 2012, it's JANUARY, not February. I checked again the rates, RM10 promo is on February. Arrrrrh........ I have made the big mistake, I've selected the wrong month for our booking. Why am I so stupid?

Then we got nothing to do, I tried to amend my flight date, but they are going to charge me RM400 for the flight change charges, all together, I'm gonna to pay extra RM800++, it's not worth it anymore. Haihz...... I can't stop on blaming myself on this. My intention is to reunion during CNY, but we have to change our plan, going back on the date we have booked.

Phin Phin thought he has found the best deal of flight, so he SMS his brother the date we have booked, and without telling him that the date is wrong, his brother didn't realize it's wrong also, he has booked the same date as us. Ops.. it's really like "Lai Ye". So sorry!!

Lesson learned: Before making any decision or booking, all things must be checked! (-_-)

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