Wednesday, 31 December 2008

2008 未达成的心愿 和 2009 新希望

Quote from early of the year: New Wishes for 2-0-0-8



( . O )
(( ")(" )

3 wishes for year 2009:

Hope that really can GET MARRY in this year..
GOOD LUCK always..

Friday, 26 December 2008

My X'Mas Present 2008

As normal, every year my dear will give me a Christmas Present.. I thought this year was the same, is a "penguin".. but this year, RUSS company has come out another kind of doll, is owl.. I felt that not nice, so didn't buy that.. Then we changed to buy this.................... “小白”

Monday, 8 December 2008

Facebook de Game




Texas Hold'em Poker

Word Challenge

Guess the Sketch

Pet Society

Pet Pet 爱作战

Friday, 5 December 2008

Petrol Claim

Recently has spent a lot of money in Petrol, just because need to meet client and do the delivery very often, but claim from company is not enough to cover.. All the places are very far, some even don't know where the place is.. Haihz.. RM250?? What to cover?

Last few month I have attached one petrol receipt into the claims, but my boss angry about it.. So for this month claim, i can't attach the receipt.. So sad.. My boss think that RM250 can ask me go for any place.. Can assign me for any job.. Really don't understand her..

Sunday, 30 November 2008

Green Man? Gold Man?

Green Man and Gold Man..

Daytime is Green Man for Maxis show and Gold Man at night.. He's like the living statue, posing and non-moving.. I think he in gold is nicer than in green, coz green is not as bright as gold.. When I saw him, I know earning money is really hard, stick the whole face with shining powder, how hard to clean it.. Haihz.. But................... you are GREAT!!

Monday, 17 November 2008



Thursday, 13 November 2008


最近公司发生了一些事情,搞到我的上司每天都脸黑黑。离谱的是,他拿我来出气, 太过分了。这已经不是第一次了,以前就让他骂一骂,好让他觉得舒服一点,可是他好像骂上瘾了,突然觉得好委屈哦。经过他的座位交文件他,也无缘无故也中“吊”,好可怜哦!我很介意他骂我,就好像我做错事情似的。受了气,又让我有丢信的冲动。为什么要这样对我?呜~~

Monday, 10 November 2008

Sweet Genting Trip



阿一秘制四头鲜鲍 & 鹅掌扒时蔬





Believe it or not! 这里的东西很特别哦,千其八怪的东西,蜡像人,智慧游戏,民族特殊和真人真事,都可以在这里看到。


一触即怀孕 (相信吗?)





高人坐的椅子 (他的屁股好大哦!)


已经很多年没去过云顶的 Theme Park 了,里面增设了很多东西,但是全部都要钱。以前年轻时,可以坐无数次的过山车,可是现在,不如从前,连坐海盗船都觉得很想吐,可能真的老了。过山车转两下就头晕了,现在想起也有点晕。少刺激的东西可能比较适合我!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008


In last week roadshow, I've bought a Canon Ixus 50, it cost me only RM199, so cheap.. The seller is Maxis distributor, so they have support the roadshow and take some items sell it in lower prices to attract more customers.. There is only 3 units per day, but in the first day, all sold out.. I tried to ask the boss sell one more for me, but he don't want.. Luckily my boss talked to him and finally he sell it for me.. Then I have bought a camera, speaker set and memory card.. All these 3 things only RM 286..

Canon Ixus 50 = RM 199
Speaker Set = RM 60

(2) 1GB Memory Card = RM 26

Today's Work

Today I went for 6 places, taking booth pictures, collect thing and send premiums.. So tired!!

Ampang - Semua House (Near Sogo) - Digital Mall, PJ - Puchong - Sungei Wang - Jusco Cheras Selatan, Balakong - Pantai Hillpark (Near RTM) - Carrefour Kepong - Ampang..

All the places in different area, go here and there.. Some more I'm not familiar with the location, so hard for me to find it out, but it's ok, I get my way!!

Tuesday, 4 November 2008


Some funny photos to share.. Effect from Cyberlink YouCam.. Haha!!

Sunday, 26 October 2008

My Work

Roadshow: Maxis MNP Launching
Date: 24/10/2008 - 27/10/2008
Venue: Sungei Wang Entrance

My Condition: Hot, Sweat and Smelly
Roadshow Condition: Ok
Dealer's Condition: Stress (have to push sales)

Store Room: Small, Moist,Messy and Smelly

Lucky Draw: BenQ Camera, LG Mobile Phone and iPod Shuffle
Free Gift: Lighting Pen, Pen Dive, Note Pad, Cap, Water Tumbler, Backpack, Foldable Bag
Q & A: Goodies Bag and Umbrella
Others: Balloon and Goodies Bag

** I'm Tired!!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008



Sunday, 19 October 2008

Happy Saturday

Yesterday went out for the whole day, is been quite a long time didn't go out with my dear.. So so happy!! Hehe.. We went to collect the Jay Chou's new album at Sungei Wang, which with the hard box.. It's expensive.. Normal packaging cost only RM43, but hard box packaging cost RM 105.. Wondering is it worth? Maybe!! I like Jay very much!! Hmmm.. Until now still got sales, is the Raya Sales in Parkson.. For sure will not miss the chance to shop for the cheaper stuffs.. Phin has bought 2 shirts and I have bought a short pant for myself.. Hohoho!!

Then we went to Low Yat, looking for the RMVB Player.. After walking around, there are 2 shops selling these player, but not sure is it can use.. Recently have so many drama in the RMVB format, the laptop screen is so small, so want to have the decoder to convert all the RMVB format, so that can watch it in TV.. It cost RM260.. Think to have one next month.. After everything, is dinner time, having our dinner at Restaurant Talipon.. Haha!! We eat as many as we can.. It's full.. Suffering!! but it's worth!!

Normally we don't have thing to do at night, but last night was different, we went for karaoke, sing for 4 hours non-stop, so happy, but suffered.. Some more is the mid night session.. So so tired!! Is almost fall asleep.. Coz Phin keep choosing the songs that not familiar with, even don't know who is the singer.. but one song is nice from SodaGreen.. Haha..

p/s: Highly recommend SodaGreen's song.. 苏打绿 - 你哦!

Monday, 13 October 2008


Recently one case has happened to the blogger user, a racism case.. The blogger wrote her own feelings on what happened to her, where 2 Indians steal her mobile phone.. She expressed her feeling in her blog, because of her deep expression of words, she being sued.. The reader of her blog report to the police and asked police to take action on this matter.. and till yesterday only knew that I know that person..

I tried to find out what happen in this case, I checked in the forum and e-news.. Finally knew that she discriminate against Indians, in our country, quite a serious case.. But last time study about cyberspace, everyone can have their own freedom of speech in the internet world, but how come she being sued.. Others countries has their freedom of speech and our country is different, so she been involving in the racism case..

After few days the case happened, she withdrawn the post and apologize what she has done. After that I go and check her blog, she has changed her blog into "invited blogger" mode, only invited person can visit her blog.. So wouldn't know what the details in the case.. Hope she's safe..

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Cutie Fingers

Recently Maxis has their new promotion "Extra 10", using fingers as the main visual.. That day went for shopping and saw something special.. After I took the picture, it just look similar with Maxis.. Haha.. But mine nicer than that..

My fingers shorter than the fingers in the advertisement, look so funny.. Boo..

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