Sunday, 19 October 2008

Happy Saturday

Yesterday went out for the whole day, is been quite a long time didn't go out with my dear.. So so happy!! Hehe.. We went to collect the Jay Chou's new album at Sungei Wang, which with the hard box.. It's expensive.. Normal packaging cost only RM43, but hard box packaging cost RM 105.. Wondering is it worth? Maybe!! I like Jay very much!! Hmmm.. Until now still got sales, is the Raya Sales in Parkson.. For sure will not miss the chance to shop for the cheaper stuffs.. Phin has bought 2 shirts and I have bought a short pant for myself.. Hohoho!!

Then we went to Low Yat, looking for the RMVB Player.. After walking around, there are 2 shops selling these player, but not sure is it can use.. Recently have so many drama in the RMVB format, the laptop screen is so small, so want to have the decoder to convert all the RMVB format, so that can watch it in TV.. It cost RM260.. Think to have one next month.. After everything, is dinner time, having our dinner at Restaurant Talipon.. Haha!! We eat as many as we can.. It's full.. Suffering!! but it's worth!!

Normally we don't have thing to do at night, but last night was different, we went for karaoke, sing for 4 hours non-stop, so happy, but suffered.. Some more is the mid night session.. So so tired!! Is almost fall asleep.. Coz Phin keep choosing the songs that not familiar with, even don't know who is the singer.. but one song is nice from SodaGreen.. Haha..

p/s: Highly recommend SodaGreen's song.. 苏打绿 - 你哦!

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