Monday, 13 October 2008


Recently one case has happened to the blogger user, a racism case.. The blogger wrote her own feelings on what happened to her, where 2 Indians steal her mobile phone.. She expressed her feeling in her blog, because of her deep expression of words, she being sued.. The reader of her blog report to the police and asked police to take action on this matter.. and till yesterday only knew that I know that person..

I tried to find out what happen in this case, I checked in the forum and e-news.. Finally knew that she discriminate against Indians, in our country, quite a serious case.. But last time study about cyberspace, everyone can have their own freedom of speech in the internet world, but how come she being sued.. Others countries has their freedom of speech and our country is different, so she been involving in the racism case..

After few days the case happened, she withdrawn the post and apologize what she has done. After that I go and check her blog, she has changed her blog into "invited blogger" mode, only invited person can visit her blog.. So wouldn't know what the details in the case.. Hope she's safe..

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