Thursday, 27 January 2011

New Member ~Yun Yun~


Welcome our new member in 2011, a LiL cute penguin "Yun Yun" a.k.a. 圆圆, just because Yun Yun looks like a BALL. A gift from Phin Phin. Although not the collection from RUSS, but it's soft. Like it so much~

Yun Yun and my beloved doll WoWo look alike, like twins.. Just that Yun Yun is in a mini size. :)

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

My Very First Time


Out of 36 shots, successful with only 25 shots, and in these 25 photos, only 5 photos are accepted. Maybe it's my first time, some of it are over exposure, and some are too dark.

ISO100 - Use outdoors in very bright sunlight
ISO200 - Use outdoors in sunlight
ISO400 - Use outdoors in daylight, or indoors with a flash
ISO800 - Use outdoors in daylight and lowlight, or indoors with a flash
ISO1600 - Use for night photography with or without a flash

What cause me of this failure? Film? Skill? or self problem? I think it's film, because ISO100 can only do outdoor shooting with bright sunlight, so when comes to indoor or low light, the film cannot produce such a nice effect. Will try on color film next with high ISO~ Yes!

Let's check this out!!

Shooting outdoor with bright sunlight, it's the most successful photo in this roll of film

Shooting outdoor

Shooting outdoor with "B" Mode, overlapping effect with the same scene

Shooting outdoor with "B" Mode, overlapping with 2 different scene

Shooting indoor with Flash

My Wedding PhotoBook

It's been quite a long time my relatives asked me to show them my wedding tea ceremony and wedding reception photo, just that I'm lazy and keep on delaying. And now can't delay anymore, as I'll meet my relatives this coming Saturday, have to show them.

So, last Sunday, we went to Tesco Cheras for the PhotoBook albums printing, know it can be done through online, but I will prefer to choose the cover and to see their paper quality before printing. After a while, we have chose the "pattern cover" as our album, price is slightly higher compare to "leather cover" and "cloth cover", but it looks nice.

The package included 1 pattern cover album and 10 pages color printing with maximum of 90 photos, additional charges needed for extra pages. Wish to print out all, but so costly, just pick some that I like~

Album Cover

Morning Session - Chut Moon 出门

Wedding Reception @ Federal Hotel

March-in + Cake Cutting

Photo Session with Friends and Relatives

Size: 12" x 12"
Cover: Pattern Cover
Price: RM129.00 (90 photos) - 10 pages
Additional Page: RM8.90 per page (9 photos for one single page)
Total: RM164.40 (with pattern cover and additional of 4 pages)

Monday, 24 January 2011

My Mini Diana

Recently starts to be in touch with lomography, colleagues are talking about this, and affect me to buy one too. I browse through internet, the photos are quite nice, and the most important thing was, this camera doesn't need any skill to handle, so it's suit me, can took whatever I like, just the cost of the film are slightly expensive.

At first, thought to purchase from lomography website, but the price is almost the same after including the shipping cost, so just buy it from shop (Mooks). I'm not really know how to use it, so the sales person has demonstrate to me. Till now, I have capture around 20++ photos, but don't know how the photo look like, have to develop the photo first. Awaiting......

And here's my Mini Diana, the plasticky En Rose ~

Mini in the BOX - En Rose

Mini Diana with Flash

Manually turning film

Film - Fine Color (35mm)
Will try on other effects next on

The Plastic Lens Cover

My Starter Kit

ME and My En Rose

Friday, 14 January 2011


刚刚看了今年的第一部电影,也是我们马来西亚的作品《天天好天》。我本身是MyFm的听众,所以最近一只听到DJ们强力推荐这部电影,就很迫不及待的想去看,到底是不是犹如他们说的那么好看?结果是。。。。。。很好看的!太感动了~ 熟悉的地方、语言、食物和演员。

有两三段的情节真的很感人,也让我不经意的流出眼泪,以为只有我自己那么眼浅,怎么知道前排跟后排座位都有人在擦眼泪。其实彬彬的感触应该比我深,因为他 也是离乡背井的小孩。父母在远处也照顾不了,但是为了生计,城市人是没办法的。但是这部戏的启发性很强,讯息着我们要孝顺父母,无论多忙碌,也应该抽空陪 陪老人家。


Sunday, 9 January 2011

New Header for My Blog

Time flies, Christmas and New Year has just past, and now is time to do preparation for Chinese New Year and Valentine Day. Before that, need to have a new header for my blog, I like seasonal kind of feeling.

This round, I mixed it, Chinese New Year and Valentine Day. A rabbit holding a "LOVE" and plum blossom as background, not so old fashion like "Tong Shan Ah Pek Style", but look modern. I like it so much!!

A good year to begin, work hard, play hard and with my Loves one.. :)

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Skytrex Flying Fox @ Taman Pertanian, Shah Alam

Wow~ What a freaking Sunday, it's exciting, terrifying, and breathtaking.

Last Sunday, myself, Phin Phin and friends went for another adventure game at Taman Pertanian, Shah Alam. This time we go for Skytrex Flying Fox, the high-end adventure, extreme challenge. Yeah~ Sounds nice and challenging, but it's damn tired after the game. Just felt that my arm and leg is not belong to me. I will feel that it's a climbing game instead of flying game. Most of the section need us to climb, quite dangerous actually, but with the safety harness, we are safe, and we do enjoy our day.

I wouldn't know is it my own problem, i felt that the game is not suit me, maybe I'm not tall enough, the gap of climbing and walking path is very far, my leg is too short to step over, but no choice, already halfway there, have to stand until the end, and I did it. We need to be brave enough to out from the checkpoint. Phew~

Skytrex Adventure @ Taman Pertanian, Shah Alam

Group photo on the truck

Well equipped and get READY
(Third Roll: Allen, Kelvin, Keat, Vincent, Phin, Suwa, Maic)
(Second Roll: Cat, Nic, Me, Moon)

We are so excited and ready to go

Phin Phin on his way up for the first flying fox challenge

Here he go

My turn (I'm super duper fat from this angle)

The most tiring game during this adventure, with only one string

This is also challenging, the swinging pipe, balancing needed

Me and Phin Phin at the checkpoint, ready to go for another checkpoint

It's fun of playing this adventure game, up next will try on the medium challenge. As for next time, I need to bring more water and snacks. I'm hungry when I'm halfway at the checkpoints. :p

Game Fees (RM40.50) + Entrance Fees (RM 3) + Glove (RM3) = RM 46.50

Click here for Skytrex Adventure.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

My Wishes for 2011


QUOTE (Wishes for 2010):

Phin Phin PROPOSE to me and GET MARRY in this year
Buy another NEW HOUSE

Last year, I have myself 3 wishes, but just 1 of it has come true, it's the one that I have wished for so long. Phin Phin proposed to me and we have get married, we have step into another stage of our lives. Yet, another 2 wishes have to wait for a year to achieve, since our wedding, our wallet is like bleeding, so have to take some time to recover back, then only can buy ourselves a new house.

As for this year, I'm kinda greedy, I have 5 wishes:-

GET A LIL BABY for me and Phin Phin

Hope it would be a wonderful year for me and Phin Phin, and also wish Phin Phin can get promoted soon. :)
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