Wednesday, 26 January 2011

My Very First Time


Out of 36 shots, successful with only 25 shots, and in these 25 photos, only 5 photos are accepted. Maybe it's my first time, some of it are over exposure, and some are too dark.

ISO100 - Use outdoors in very bright sunlight
ISO200 - Use outdoors in sunlight
ISO400 - Use outdoors in daylight, or indoors with a flash
ISO800 - Use outdoors in daylight and lowlight, or indoors with a flash
ISO1600 - Use for night photography with or without a flash

What cause me of this failure? Film? Skill? or self problem? I think it's film, because ISO100 can only do outdoor shooting with bright sunlight, so when comes to indoor or low light, the film cannot produce such a nice effect. Will try on color film next with high ISO~ Yes!

Let's check this out!!

Shooting outdoor with bright sunlight, it's the most successful photo in this roll of film

Shooting outdoor

Shooting outdoor with "B" Mode, overlapping effect with the same scene

Shooting outdoor with "B" Mode, overlapping with 2 different scene

Shooting indoor with Flash

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