Sunday, 9 January 2011

New Header for My Blog

Time flies, Christmas and New Year has just past, and now is time to do preparation for Chinese New Year and Valentine Day. Before that, need to have a new header for my blog, I like seasonal kind of feeling.

This round, I mixed it, Chinese New Year and Valentine Day. A rabbit holding a "LOVE" and plum blossom as background, not so old fashion like "Tong Shan Ah Pek Style", but look modern. I like it so much!!

A good year to begin, work hard, play hard and with my Loves one.. :)


慧慧 said...

it is cute... (^_^)

Lyshane said...

hi a visit your blog by searching the new year's header.... and your header de rabbit is nice... can i use the 'rabbit' ?

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