Thursday, 6 January 2011

Skytrex Flying Fox @ Taman Pertanian, Shah Alam

Wow~ What a freaking Sunday, it's exciting, terrifying, and breathtaking.

Last Sunday, myself, Phin Phin and friends went for another adventure game at Taman Pertanian, Shah Alam. This time we go for Skytrex Flying Fox, the high-end adventure, extreme challenge. Yeah~ Sounds nice and challenging, but it's damn tired after the game. Just felt that my arm and leg is not belong to me. I will feel that it's a climbing game instead of flying game. Most of the section need us to climb, quite dangerous actually, but with the safety harness, we are safe, and we do enjoy our day.

I wouldn't know is it my own problem, i felt that the game is not suit me, maybe I'm not tall enough, the gap of climbing and walking path is very far, my leg is too short to step over, but no choice, already halfway there, have to stand until the end, and I did it. We need to be brave enough to out from the checkpoint. Phew~

Skytrex Adventure @ Taman Pertanian, Shah Alam

Group photo on the truck

Well equipped and get READY
(Third Roll: Allen, Kelvin, Keat, Vincent, Phin, Suwa, Maic)
(Second Roll: Cat, Nic, Me, Moon)

We are so excited and ready to go

Phin Phin on his way up for the first flying fox challenge

Here he go

My turn (I'm super duper fat from this angle)

The most tiring game during this adventure, with only one string

This is also challenging, the swinging pipe, balancing needed

Me and Phin Phin at the checkpoint, ready to go for another checkpoint

It's fun of playing this adventure game, up next will try on the medium challenge. As for next time, I need to bring more water and snacks. I'm hungry when I'm halfway at the checkpoints. :p

Game Fees (RM40.50) + Entrance Fees (RM 3) + Glove (RM3) = RM 46.50

Click here for Skytrex Adventure.

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