Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Second Visit to Casino

Finally, I've finished my degree in Liverpool.. But myself can't see any happiness from my face.. Don't why.. Maybe dear dear not with me, no one share my happiness.. So sad.. Today has decided having lunch in casino, so once finish the exam, then we went to casino.. This time is my second visit, so they will provide 5 pound to play.. Really waste money, click and click the lose money, luckily the money is not mine.. Hohoho..

Then I use my own money to play roulette.. At first lose money, but luckily I won.. Just because of the number of "0".. I bet that number, it's so hard to get that.. So I'm the lucky queen.. Hohoho.. At last I have won of 12.50 pound from casino, plus the first visit, I won a total of 17.50 pound.. Hehe.. Happy ar.. Think to go again, but 2 more days will going back to hometown..
Hehe.. I'm going back soon.. Excited!!

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