Thursday, 31 December 2009

Wishes for 2010

QUOTE from early of the year 2009:

3 wishes for year 2009:

Hope that really can GET MARRY in this year..
GOOD LUCK always..


Summarized my wishes in year 2009, only 1 out of 3 wishes come true, which is I can have a better working environment.. Yes, I do have a better working environment, but the people surround me still the same.. And hope that my second wishes can come true next year and I'm good luck always (every year, every day, every hour, every minute and every second)..

The most happy thing for this year will be my new house, me and Phin Phin has bought an apartment, and it has rent out with quite a high value (I think).. Secondly, was my brother, after 8 years, and finally, he has a girlfriend, my parent, sisters and myself was so happy, and no more worries he become a GAY.. Hehe!!

And here my wishes for year 2010:-
Phin Phin PROPOSE to me and GET MARRY in this year
Buy another NEW HOUSE

Hope all my wishes can come true in year 2010.. If it is, it will be a cheerful and wonderful year for me..


Monday, 28 December 2009

Klang Half-Day "Eat" Tour

On the Christmas Day, me and Phin Phin went to Klang for lunch.. The place famous with their "Bak Kut Teh".. There are so many Bah Kut Teh in Klang, and we have chose the one located at Kampung Jawa, named "叶荣(干)肉骨茶", where their signature of Bah Kut Teh was served in dry.. But Phin Phin preferred the one with soup, so we ordered both of it.. It's so yummy, but just felt bad they have no more spareribs for the dry one.. Most of it was Phin Phin beloved "三层肉"..

After our lunch, Phin Phin brought me to another restaurant, which famous with their "Fried Chicken" and "Yo Yo Ice".. Phin Phin discovered this restaurant last few month.. Now only bring me here.. The concept for this restaurant is good, as their business are mostly for takeaway customers.. And here we have ordered one chicken wing, and one Yo Yo Ice, although it's just a normal chicken wing, but there are so many customers.. After I finished my chicken wing only I know why his business was so good.. The fried chickens they sell are less oil, compare to others fried chickens, this is more healthy.. I think!!

We have spent around half and hour in this restaurant, observed that the flow of customers enter the restaurant are much.. It's worth to have a try here.. Yummy!!

Saturday, 26 December 2009

X'mas Present for 2009

Besides "WoWo", I have received another Christmas gift from Phin Phin.. A thing that I want for a "decade", where till now only get it, which is "Smart Tag", sounds so idiot right..

Smart Tag = Christmas Present

Question: Where got people give Smart Tag as a Christmas Present?
Answer: Yes, there is, my lovely Phin Phin..

And what I gave Phin Phin was a belt and duck lighter with sounds.. The duck lighter I bought it at Mid Valley, where the first sight I saw this, I like it so much.. So bought it for Phin Phin..

Since there is a Christmas Present Exchange Party on the eve, and me and Phin Phin have get two presents from the party, which is a Lava-Lamp and Fragrance Aroma Essence Oil.. At first was a sandwich maker, but Jerry like the sandwich maker so much, so we changed it with him for the Lava-Lamp.. Everyone spent their times to seek for the present, although the presents not so expensive, but it's valuable for all of us..

Merry Christmas 2009

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Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Star Cruise SuperStar Libra

Another great experience for me and Phin Phin, we went for Cruise, SuperStar Libra from Star Cruise.. Vincent, Tammy, Phin Phin and me, together 4 persons.. Actually the schedule for this cruise will be at February 2010, but the travel agent called us to move our trip earlier in December 2009, and so we have chose to go Cruise on 17 Dec - 20 Dec.. Initially, my trip was Port Klang - Langkawi - Port Klang, and now was Port Klang - Langkawi - Singapore - Port Klang.. From 3 days 2 nights, changed to 4 days 3 nights, from Inside Stateroom upgrade to Oceanview Stateroom with Obstructed View, and without paying extra money.. It's really worth to join this cruise..

SuperStar Libra is the second large cruise from Star Cruise, where it has 10 decks, deck 1 from the bottom and Deck 10 is the higher deck.. Most of the activity and restaurant will be at Deck 4, Deck 5, Deck 9 and Deck 10.. And our room located at Deck 8, where it's easy to go around the activity venues, restaurants and pool side.. The room is even bigger than the room in HK..

Every passengers on board will get a card, where it has few functions and purposes, it can be the access card, it can be the room key and it also can be the cruise credit card, where every purchase during on board will be charge in the card and have to settle the bill before leave the cruise..

The first meal we have is dinner, there are 8 restaurants and bars, but only 3 restaurants was provided the buffet style, where can take as much as you like and order as much as you can.. And here is the Western Restaurant Four Season, located at Deck 4, they served western foods, which is pasta and steak meal..

After dinner, we went to casino, Phin Phin beloved Casino.. There are 3 casinos, opened for different "status" of people.. Club Royale for "Rich Man", min. bet per game SGD100.. Admiral Club for VIP, no chance to go in, because we are not VIPs, and Star Club for those common people like us, min. bet SGD5.. Just to test our luck, but within few minutes, SGD50 has gone.. Aiks...

Since the first day on board, we don't know they have prepare show for us, and we just stay in the cabin and playing mah jong.. Time almost 12 m.n., we went to Deck 9 for supper, they served fried mee, nuggets, fries, breads and pao..


The second day, me and Phin Phin wake up at 8.30am, just to have the breakfast.. And so we chose to have in Chinese Restaurant Ocean Palace, located at Deck 4.. They served Dim Sum, Pao and porridge for breakfast.. It's so delicious..

After our breakfast, cruise has reached Port at Langkawi, after bath, we disembark to Langkawi.. We have rent a small car, Kancil, just enough to fit in us.. Due to Public Holiday, the charges increase till RM90 for one Kancil.. It's damn expensive..

Then we went to Teow Soon Huat, to buy some chocolate, alcohol and cigarettes.. 4 of us has bought 4 liquors and 2x 5L Heineken Beer.. It's over to carry that much of alcohols, but the packaging for the Heineken was so nice, so we just bought it.. Since there have 2 hours left before to go back to cruise, we have a visit to "Underwater World Langkawi".. RM28 for adult and RM22 for student..

And here we saw the penguin, which I love the most, but the real penguin is so ugly compare to my lovely penguin doll.. Here they do have a good living habitats, and the most worth for this visit was, we saw penguin mating.. Firstly, they will shake their body then the male penguin will jump at the back of the female penguin, and they start mating, just 3 seconds of the progress.. So fast huh!!??

Here's some shots I took from the Aquarius using my sis's SLR Camera, but as a beginner, the photo is acceptable.. Hehe..

Luckily it's raining when we get back on board, the crews didn't check our bag, where we can bring in our alcohol safely back to our cabin.. We have pass for the first checking, the second checking is waiting for us at Port Klang.. No worries, if really tax us, just pay.. Since we went out to Langkawi, and we have missed the lunch time.. When we back it's almost 4pm, no choice, just to have the tea time at Deck 9.. Although they served with light cuisine, but it's tasty..

Wake up too early in the morning, and decided to have a nap before dinner time.. After a while, it's almost 7pm.. We have overslept.. Since we all are so full after the tea time, so we skip the dinner.. After bath, we went to Galaxy of the Star, for the Bingo Game.. 3 tickets for SGD12.50.. And can have a chance to win SGD10,000.. Just try our luck, but we only get 10 numbers out of 15 numbers..

Hehe.. Another happy moment for Phin Phin and Vincent, coz is time for them to casino, and also the boring time for me and Tammy.. Wait until 10.30pm, me and Tammy went to the Chocolate Party held at Galaxy of the Star.. Gosh.. It's so tempting.. Chocolate cheese cake, chocolate muffin, chocolate mousse cake, chocolate pudding and chocolate biscuit..


Third day on board, wake up at 8.30 in the morning, and today will try on the Western Breakfast at Four Season.. Western style served toast, muffin, egg, ham, cheese, hotdog, bacon, hash brown and bun.. It's delicious too..

After few hours, lunch time, we haven't digest for the breakfast, and now have to take lunch.. I'm damn full, but since I have paid for the tour, don't waste the chance to test the foods, just order a set of lunch with sup and main course.. Actually the main purpose for lunch is to take photo.. And here the photo for the food..

After lunch, Vincent went to casino again with Tammy, so me and Phin Phin went to pool side, waiting for the show from Magician, Charles Bach to performe "Underwater Escape", where lock the whole body with shackle and chain.. And Phin Phin has been choose to help to lock the shackle, so lucky.. Hehe.. After checking all the lock, Charles jumped into the water, after 2 and half minutes struggling in the water, Charles comes up without any shackle.. So amazing.. So many people surround the pool, but no one can see the flaw of this magic.. Anyway, it's a nice show, worth to see even it's raining..

After 13 hours navigation, we reached Singapore at 6pm.. We quickly take our passport from the crews and get down from cruise.. The period for us to stay at Singapore is only 2 and half hours, it's really not enough time to walk around.. So we just shopping around the shopping centre nearby Harbour Front, which is Vivo City, here with the nice christmas decoration, no wonder Malaysian like to celebrate in Singapore.. And here, Phin Phin get his Christmas Exchange Present..

When we back to cruise, it almost 9pm, we are so hungry and we went to Ocean Palace for our dinner, 1 appertizer, 4 main courses, 1 soup and 1 dessert.. How nice is it.. And this we are not enough, we have order another plate of prawn and 1 bowl of soup..


Finally, the last day for my trip, I woke up early 8am in the morning, and I found Phin Phin was not in the room, and there is only one possibility, which he at the casino.. After I prepared myself, I went to casino.. Huh!! They are really there.. Gamble till forget the day and time.. Then I faster pull Phin Phin out and asked him accompany me for breakfast.. And today we have our breakfast at the International Restaurant Mariners Buffet, where served pancake, hotdog, turkey ham, bread, hash brown, dim sum and porridge.. The chicken seafood porridge was so yummy, until now I can't forget the taste of it..

After breakfast, we went to Star Dust Lounge to collect our passport and settle our bill.. They won't give back the passport unless you settle the bill and return all the things you borrow from the cruise.. After all-and-all, we packed our things and leave the cabin at 11pm.. I disagree and dislike the way they give us disembark from the cruise.. All the passengers gather in one place and go out at the same time.. So messy and crowded.. Can't understand, why they arrange in such way..

After we get down from the cruise, felt so nervous, scare the custom check and tax us for the beer, but luckily they let us go.. This is the packaging of the beer..

And here, we have get another penguin baby.. A Star Cruise Penguin Baby! It's cute.. and I named it as "星星“..

It's really a wonderful trip for me, as first time go Cruise.. And I can describe my trip with "EUYD", which is "Eat Until You Die".. Provide 5 meals per day, breakfast, lunch, tea time, dinner and supper.. Although Phin Phin lose money in casino, but is okay, coz we already get extra day and tour from Star Cruise.. And my next target will be......................................... SuperStar Virgo..

Monday, 14 December 2009

Preparation for Christmas Eve 2009

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,
Jingle all the way!
What fun it is to ride,
In a one-horse open sleigh.

Christmas just around the corner, and it's same as last year, Phin Phin's friends have the exchange present party on Christmas Eve.. And the budget for this year was RM50, which I think is too little to get something nice..

Hmmm.. The same feeling I have for last year, nervous and super duper scary.. Coz they will have the punishment for those who buy the worst present which voted by every attendees.. Since I'm free in last week, I went out to seek for the present, but I walked the whole One Utama and I can't find ONE suitable present for the party.. Phin Phin more understand his friends' needs and wants, and he has rejected all the present I chose to have for the party.. So hard..

But finally I have something nice and suit everybody, maybe not the best present, but at least won't get punish during the party.. The I like the present I chose, wish the one who take it will feel happy too!!

~ my present for the exchange present party ~

And here's my cute cute Christmas doll members (小白,窝窝,雪人,蓝蓝,遥遥,麦麦), they help me to take care of the present.. Hehe!!

Monday, 7 December 2009

X'Mas Present by Phin Phin

I have my Christmas Present for year 2009 from my lovely Phin Phin, another RUSS series of Christmas Doll, is a Penguin, and we named it as "WoWo".. It looks cute from every angle, isn't it? And now WoWo has joined my big Christmas Doll Family.. But can't post the family photo yet, I have took my cute cute "Snowman" to Laundry Shop, wait him back, then only can take a full family photo!

It's almost Christmas, need to decorate my room, make it full of season kind of feeling.. :) WoWo will have chance to take part in this decor, welcome "WoWo"!!

Sunday, 6 December 2009

iPod Touch Gen 2

Have bought the iPod Touch Gen 2 8GB for almost 1 month.. Thanks CN, giving me the lowest price compare to the normal price.. Without the iPod itself, the other accessories have make me spent around 400++, casing and the adapter.. How come those accessories so expensive, even it's not original, is only the third party products.. Those casing I bought was from other brands, while the adapter I chose to have the original one, more stabilize..

Although the functions are not as much as iPhone, but it's enough for me, games, musics and surfing internet.. And now, I have downloaded more than 30 games, and have bought 3 games.. Wish to have more games, but it's so expensive, the most cheapest was USD0.99, for the others are more than USD3 - USD4.. So just choose some affordable games to play.. Hehe!!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009



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