Saturday, 26 December 2009

X'mas Present for 2009

Besides "WoWo", I have received another Christmas gift from Phin Phin.. A thing that I want for a "decade", where till now only get it, which is "Smart Tag", sounds so idiot right..

Smart Tag = Christmas Present

Question: Where got people give Smart Tag as a Christmas Present?
Answer: Yes, there is, my lovely Phin Phin..

And what I gave Phin Phin was a belt and duck lighter with sounds.. The duck lighter I bought it at Mid Valley, where the first sight I saw this, I like it so much.. So bought it for Phin Phin..

Since there is a Christmas Present Exchange Party on the eve, and me and Phin Phin have get two presents from the party, which is a Lava-Lamp and Fragrance Aroma Essence Oil.. At first was a sandwich maker, but Jerry like the sandwich maker so much, so we changed it with him for the Lava-Lamp.. Everyone spent their times to seek for the present, although the presents not so expensive, but it's valuable for all of us..

Merry Christmas 2009

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