Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Taiwan Trip Day 2 & 3

Actually the journey for my second and third day trip was the same.. It's the day for our bridal shooting.. I have been picked for the third day, which my photographer will only took for both of us, so the second day is our free time.. We only accompany them for the shooting, and take sometimes for souvenirs..

Day 2 - 淡水渔人码头 - 淡水老街 - 石门风力发电站
Day 3 - 淡水渔人码头 - 淡水老街 - 野柳女王头 - 九份 - 台北101

Day 2 early morning, we prepared ourselves and follow our tour guide to the first location, car journey from Taipei District took around 45 minutes, and the location located at DanShui “淡水” - 渔人码头.. Their previous president, Ah Bian has named it as “白色情人桥”.. A sole white bridge, so nice..

Second, we moved to DanShui Old Street “淡水老街”, which famous with their local snack - Ah Ge “阿给”.. I wouldn't know is it we can't accept the taste, or the taste is just like what we had.. Taste so weird, but consider okay.. A big Taufu with noodles inside..

And in DanShui, we have found a delicious Mango Ice.. What's a good moment when having ice during the hot weather.. Yummy!!

After DanShui, we moved on to the next location, which is not in our schedule.. Wouldn't know where is it, but here do have huge and nice windmill.. This place is actually to generate electricity.. “石门风力发电站”..
We not able to go YeLiu “野柳 - 女王头”on the second 2, because it's raining, but we manage to go on the third day.. Because of it's shapes, "The Queen Head", it has attract tourist for the visit.. Since they are so many tourists, so we can't take so many pictures of this Queen Head.. There is one security keep on chasing us out of that shooting area.. WTF!! I know the queue for the shooting is long, but don't the security see us wearing the wedding gown for bridal shooting? We are so hot, standing under the hot sun, can't even give us to take more.. So sad.. Hope the few shots is nice!!

Actually before Taipei 101, we have been to JiuFen “九份”.. But I forget to take any photo using my camera, we are just busy for our shooting.. It's damn tiring, because it's raining, I have to take the long long wedding gown, walking under the raining day and pretend to smile happily.. OMG!! Even tired than my working day!!

When we reached Taipei 101, it's evening, and it has stop raining, so that we can took night shot for this tower.. It's a symbol of Taiwan, so we must snap it..

After leaving Canness Fashion Motel, the second and third day we stayed at DanShui, Park City Hotel.. It's so tidy and clean, but not as nice as CFM.. Miss their karaoke set, steam bath, round bed and jacuzzi..

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