Friday, 2 July 2010

I'm Back!

Yaahoo!! I'm back from Taiwan.. A pre-honeymoon trip for me and Phin Phin.. At first thought it will be nice trip for us, go for food and wedding shooting, but........ who knows? It's a suffering and tiring trip..

At first, thanks Hui and XiangBin for sending us to airport, meet up with our photographer at 12 noon sharp.. After checked in all the luggage, and we are going to start our 7D6N journey to Taipei.. Phin Phin was so excited with the screen attached with the seat, but for myself, I do tried before when I fly with Emirates to UK.. The flight we took not bad too, China Airlines..

Food on board is not delicious.. Taste so weird, eat 1/3, then the rest should be inside the rubbish bin.. Fish Fillet Rice and Chicken Pasta..

After 4 hours and 10 minutes, we reached TaoYuan International Airport at 7.30pm.. No time difference between KL and Taiwan, so time is the same.. Meet up with our tour guide "小张", then he straight away send us back to hotel.. First thing which suffering us was the car journey, from this location to another location, minimum take around 45 minutes.. Within this 45 minutes, tour guide do let us know the culture in Taiwan.. What to do and what not to do..

And so fast we reached our HOTEL, "Canness Fashion Motel".. Located at Taipei District.. A Motel with Movie Theme Room.. Quite common in Taiwan, but it's new to us.. The hotel room will have it own garage, design and the facilities shows that it do serve for ADULT only..

Wah........... Me and Phin Phin was shocked by the room design.. There is a karaoke system, and a pole dancer wallpaper when we entered the room.. Romantic lighting with red color, symbolized aggressive, passion, love and excitement.. Wow.. Think about something dirty? Yes.......

Wine does bring lover and the atmosphere to the climax.. Each room will provide 1 bottle of red wine, it's free of charge..

A round shape bed with soft translucent curtain, so comfortable.. In front of the bed, a 42" LCD TV.. with more than 100 channels to choose.. Entertainment, News, Sports, Kid and Adult.. 24 hours non-stop adult channels, Phin Phin was so happy with it..

The inner part of the room, there is a big round jacuzzi, steam bath room and toilet.. We can watch TV when we are enjoying our jacuzzi.. How relax is it..

This hotel being so caring for female customers, besides toothbrush, toothpaste, shower cap and soap, they do provide hand lotion, cotton bud, contact lens container, and hair clip.. All the things put orderly on the tray and give it use for free.. Of course I will take all..

As I mentioned, this hotel is more to adult, so the room will come with safety product, my room is give out for free, but the other rooms was a condom selling machine.. How nice is it..

Just few hours to 12am, already consider one day for my trip.. So, is wasting time.. Stay tune for my second day trip to Taiwan.. :)

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uLi.佑莉 said...

Motelking very geng...hehe!

Michelle Y said...

Hahaha very geng!

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