Thursday, 30 April 2009

Orang Gila

Now working at Semua House, is somewhere near SOGO.. Here got lots of migrant, Malays and Indians.. Hmmm.. Suddenly, there is an Indian Man, came to our booth and talk bullshit..

(Walking like a drunkard)
Promoter: Are you okay?
Indian Man: I'm ok, you think, i'm a drunkard? I'm gentlemen.. I'm just low sugar.. If you said i'm a drunkard, i'm you f*** you.. I'm study from London, I speak English, not like the Fat and stupid lady (pointed at the sales girl), don't know how to speak English..


Indian Man: My wife is Chinese, I don't like Indian Girl, they are so smelly, coz they wear panties for 3 days.. My wife very rich, is Dato's daughther (i forget which Dato he said)..

Huh.. I really really fed up this fella, and i don't want to bother so much, so just do my own thing, but suddenly mentioned about me..

Indian Man: Who is she?
Promoter: Friend of mine..
Indian Man: This poor lady, if I give her one ferrari, 2 apartments and 5 thousands one month, sure she came to me.. and so what her bf can do?

I was stun.. How come mentioned about me? I didn't bother him.. and he still talking all the non-sense thing.. Really want to stand up and F*** him.. Hate him!!

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Idiot, Bastard, Bitch

I want to curse the idiot who stole all my thing in Pet Society.. Fuck her/him.. Damn angry now!! Today sign in Facebook, want to play my Pet Society, WTF, once I opened, I thought I sign in wrong account, my pet's house is empty.. That stupid idiot stole all my things.. Now I really don't know the idiot is hacker or know my password to access my account.. Shit!!

Curse you, the stupid idiot, super duper bastard!!

Wednesday, 15 April 2009


今天起床特别累,头很晕,想必是睡太多了。从昨晚八点睡到今天早上的九点,自从开始做工到现在,没有一次是早睡的,昨晚真的睡得很熟。还没看完 《覆雨翻云》 就睡着了。睡多是爽,可是起床的那一瞬间就惨了,头是超级无敌的痛,走路也歪来歪去。


Sunday, 12 April 2009

Shopping Day

Today have bought a Card Holder at Isetan.. After I paid only I forget to use my cash voucher.. Haihz.. So sad.. It's really hard to have thing to buy in Isetan, it's expensive.. Now have to start thinking what to buy using the voucher..

Every time I went out, is unavoidable to use money.. Minimum will spent about RM200++.. Today is the same.. Haihz.. but today got one special, I have saw something special in Mid Valley, there is a blue whale mold.. Is huge and nice.. The giant mold is just a whale baby, unbelievable..

Saturday, 11 April 2009

RMVB Player

Yesterday went to KLCC, at first just want to go for briefing at Maxis Tower, but is so boring, then I slink off with KS.. We went to PC Fair.. Haha!! This year was so crowded, even on Friday afternoon.. Hmmm.. is it crowded with customers? No..No..No.. It's full of salesman and promoters.. At the first hall, there are many Telco's promoters, seems like they are challenging whose got the large amount of staffs.. One booth is more than 30 staffs.. So scary..

Luckily we are not intersted in mobile or network.. Then we leave that hall immediately.. After half and hour, my boss called me back to Maxis Tower, asked me to lend him my thumb drive, then we leave PC Fair.. I thought my boss not going to PC Fair, so decide to back office.. But.... Suddenly my boss said he want to go.. Haihz.. No choice, me and KS have to accompany him to walk again all the halls.. So hot and crowd.. ishh..

Today, again I went to PC Fair with my brother-in-law, just to buy the RMVB Player.. We looking for this player for so long.. Now only RM199, free 2GB thumb drive.. So cheap!! Total we bought 3 units, one is mine, one is my brother-in-law, and one for my boss.. And this is the first time I bought thing using credit card.. Hehe.. So happy!! Now I can watch drama and movie in the TV.. Haha!!

Wednesday, 8 April 2009





Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Slim and Beauty

Recently has gained weight, after I came back from UK and start working, my weight non-stop gaining.. When friends and relations saw me, the first they said will be "Wah, how come you so fat".. It's really hurt..

Yesterday was so embarrassed, my colleague called me "montel" in the office.. I think the translate to English is "chubby".. but I know his meaning is not that, I know he want to say that I'm fat.. Just not to be straight.. Damn sad..

So from now on, I have to say "NO" to supper and carbohydrate food and drinks.. Now has an impulse to push me to exercise.. From last year think to join fitness, but is so lazy, the end give up.. Now is different story, coz it's already reach my body limit, I can't fat anymore.. So, I want to loss weight!! Arrr.. Ganbate!!
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