Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Slim and Beauty

Recently has gained weight, after I came back from UK and start working, my weight non-stop gaining.. When friends and relations saw me, the first they said will be "Wah, how come you so fat".. It's really hurt..

Yesterday was so embarrassed, my colleague called me "montel" in the office.. I think the translate to English is "chubby".. but I know his meaning is not that, I know he want to say that I'm fat.. Just not to be straight.. Damn sad..

So from now on, I have to say "NO" to supper and carbohydrate food and drinks.. Now has an impulse to push me to exercise.. From last year think to join fitness, but is so lazy, the end give up.. Now is different story, coz it's already reach my body limit, I can't fat anymore.. So, I want to loss weight!! Arrr.. Ganbate!!

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