Saturday, 11 April 2009

RMVB Player

Yesterday went to KLCC, at first just want to go for briefing at Maxis Tower, but is so boring, then I slink off with KS.. We went to PC Fair.. Haha!! This year was so crowded, even on Friday afternoon.. Hmmm.. is it crowded with customers? No..No..No.. It's full of salesman and promoters.. At the first hall, there are many Telco's promoters, seems like they are challenging whose got the large amount of staffs.. One booth is more than 30 staffs.. So scary..

Luckily we are not intersted in mobile or network.. Then we leave that hall immediately.. After half and hour, my boss called me back to Maxis Tower, asked me to lend him my thumb drive, then we leave PC Fair.. I thought my boss not going to PC Fair, so decide to back office.. But.... Suddenly my boss said he want to go.. Haihz.. No choice, me and KS have to accompany him to walk again all the halls.. So hot and crowd.. ishh..

Today, again I went to PC Fair with my brother-in-law, just to buy the RMVB Player.. We looking for this player for so long.. Now only RM199, free 2GB thumb drive.. So cheap!! Total we bought 3 units, one is mine, one is my brother-in-law, and one for my boss.. And this is the first time I bought thing using credit card.. Hehe.. So happy!! Now I can watch drama and movie in the TV.. Haha!!

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