Thursday, 30 April 2009

Orang Gila

Now working at Semua House, is somewhere near SOGO.. Here got lots of migrant, Malays and Indians.. Hmmm.. Suddenly, there is an Indian Man, came to our booth and talk bullshit..

(Walking like a drunkard)
Promoter: Are you okay?
Indian Man: I'm ok, you think, i'm a drunkard? I'm gentlemen.. I'm just low sugar.. If you said i'm a drunkard, i'm you f*** you.. I'm study from London, I speak English, not like the Fat and stupid lady (pointed at the sales girl), don't know how to speak English..


Indian Man: My wife is Chinese, I don't like Indian Girl, they are so smelly, coz they wear panties for 3 days.. My wife very rich, is Dato's daughther (i forget which Dato he said)..

Huh.. I really really fed up this fella, and i don't want to bother so much, so just do my own thing, but suddenly mentioned about me..

Indian Man: Who is she?
Promoter: Friend of mine..
Indian Man: This poor lady, if I give her one ferrari, 2 apartments and 5 thousands one month, sure she came to me.. and so what her bf can do?

I was stun.. How come mentioned about me? I didn't bother him.. and he still talking all the non-sense thing.. Really want to stand up and F*** him.. Hate him!!

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