Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Moon Moon 4th Birthday

Yes, Moon Moon is turning 4. This year she is celebrating her birthday at school. Special thanks to Sheu for making this beautiful cake for her birthday.

 Little Pony Theme

I was expecting the party will go smoothly, but who knows there are kids crying in the class. Their crying is more louder than the birthday song. At that moment, I wish to end the party as fast as I can. One crying to look for his parent, and another girl is funny, she cried because she stand quite far and cannot see the cake. All the kids are pushing here and there to stay near the cake. The most funniest action is Moon Moon. She keep asking the others "CANNOT Touch, CANNOT Touch". Of course no one will bother her. What's a bad experience for me at the very first time.

Can't even to have chance for Moon to take photo alone with the cake. Sigh~

At night, just having dinner and bring her to the indoor playground. Is always happy to see her smiling face. Keep this up always. Happy Birthday my girl~

Thursday, 5 January 2017

2017 First School Day

Today is Moon Moon's orientation day, first school day after long holiday, and this year she is in the 4 years old class. Early in the morning, she woke up happily and prepare herself, she is so excited to meet her friends in school later. Last year was more like playing and socialize, this year is going to be a tough year for her, I know she can handle it very well.

When we reached school, she is so happy. No crying. Walked-in to the classroom, teacher allocate her seat and she sit quietly with others. After school, she told me "boys and girls" are crying in the classroom. Haha~

Good job to Moon Moon, doing a great job today.  Happy School Day!


Sunday, 1 January 2017





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