Wednesday, 12 September 2007


Finally I have reached KL.. After 15 hours flight, I reached my lovely hometown, the place which I familiar with.. Finally get the sense of belonging.. Once I reached, I saw many "pig", that's why it's so familiar.. Haha~~ Everything in Liverpool has become a past, I miss it very much, especially housemates' gossiping in dining room, I will never forget the moment when we stay in Liverpool, nice flatmates.. Love them so much!!

Finish my studies and end of my study life.. Not think to study anymore, scare of it, stress and tension during the time in Liverpool.. Rushing assignment and struggling with the exam.. All these is the limit of myself.. Unbelievable, I can finish my 120 credits in a short periods, congrats that we all have finally get over all this barrier and end up the programme sucessfully.. Although the result not release yet, but I think I have won the game, at least I can do it!! Yeah!!

Now I'm having the life that I wish for, everyday eat, sleep, watching TV.. This is what I want for my life.. Leave my mind empty and not to think so much.. Just back for few days, now have to settle down all the things, havent meet friends also.. Still not use to the Malaysia time, the first day I back, I slept until 5pm, nice bed, but I miss my queen size bed in Liverpool more than this single bed.. Feeling so comfortable at home.. Horoscope - Cancer.. Always love to stay at home, this is exactly true.. Haha~~

After this few months only plan what I'm gonna to do.. Yippie!!

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