Friday, 24 September 2010

Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot (Taiwan)

Besides KL studio and outdoor photo shoot, we did go to Taiwan for the bridal shooting.. It's our pre-honeymoon trip as well as our pre-wedding photo shoot.. It's great to have this experience, where is something new and different for both of us..

But I'm not really like the photo taken from Taiwan, maybe just because of the gown and my bad hairstyle.. It's look like the one in "Beauty and The Beast", I called it as princess head, damn ugly when it's come to my head.. Gosh!! But overall it's acceptable!!

And here's it!!

白色情人桥 @ 淡水鱼人码头


女王头 @ 野柳

@ 野柳



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Steven Crook said...


I'm a reporter in Taiwan writing about wedding photography. Would you be willing to answer some questions by email? If so, please contact me at

Thanks and best wishes,

Steven Crook

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