Sunday, 5 September 2010

Wedding Preparation ~ Painting Time~ Part 1

In 17 days, me and Phin Phin have to settle down all the things in our room, although not new house, not new room, but we have to make everything NEW.. New painting, new bed, new wardrobe and new wall cabinet..

This weekend, Phin Phin spent his time on the wall painting, we bought all the paint tools last few week, just not free to start the painting work.. Quite take time for it, but Phin Phin has painted 3 layers, it looks nice now!

Waiting to paint another part of our room, we have to be fast, carpenter is coming to install our new wardrobe.. Yeah!!

Paint Tools

Phin Phin's with his Cutie Doraemon's Mask

Phin Phin is doing his painting

Another Part of our Room (It's messy)

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