Monday, 24 January 2011

My Mini Diana

Recently starts to be in touch with lomography, colleagues are talking about this, and affect me to buy one too. I browse through internet, the photos are quite nice, and the most important thing was, this camera doesn't need any skill to handle, so it's suit me, can took whatever I like, just the cost of the film are slightly expensive.

At first, thought to purchase from lomography website, but the price is almost the same after including the shipping cost, so just buy it from shop (Mooks). I'm not really know how to use it, so the sales person has demonstrate to me. Till now, I have capture around 20++ photos, but don't know how the photo look like, have to develop the photo first. Awaiting......

And here's my Mini Diana, the plasticky En Rose ~

Mini in the BOX - En Rose

Mini Diana with Flash

Manually turning film

Film - Fine Color (35mm)
Will try on other effects next on

The Plastic Lens Cover

My Starter Kit

ME and My En Rose

1 comment:

uLi.佑莉 said...

Wow! Now came out with the Mini one ya, at first I also tot wanna get 1 Lomo, but very expensive for maintenance for long run la...anyway, how much is this? Lemme play play next time ya :D

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