Wednesday, 31 October 2007


Just received the email and letter from UK, is to remind us about the ceromony of the convocation for our degree.. The convocation will be held on 9th March 2008, that time will be the time for me and my classmates to gather, waiting for it.. Long time didn't meet them, seems like everything has changed after we finish study.. All of them has started new life where I still the same, being lazy.. After the graduation, time to gather getting lesser and lesser.. Elaine has go Singapore for working, the others will be working as well.. Seeing they all, I so useless.. Damn hate myself..

Last week meet some of my friends, one of them ask me to work with him, something which I wish to do, which is event kind of job, all the requirement are fulfill, but the vehicle is the main reason not to work for it, because my car cost a lot of petrol, my car use petrol just like drinking water.. So will not do for it.. Haihz.. I lost a chance!!

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