Thursday, 13 December 2007

J.CO de Donuts

Since the opening of Pavilion KL, one of the shop has been famous with their donuts.. Everytime I will see there is a long long queue.. At first just curious to have a try of the donuts, once I bite, it's really delicious.. Especially the normal donut "Glazzy".. The taste really as what they describe in the mini board "Crunchy and Melty"..

From the way I start my queue, half an hour only reach the counter and make an order.. So far I have tried on 9 flavors of the donuts, some are really delicious and some only soso.. People will spend their time to queue up and purchase for the donuts, most of them buying half dozen or more.. Normally people will buy one dozen, if I'm not mistaken, they have 12 flavors, so can try on all the flavor..

Last night go for a movie at Pavilion, it's GSC.. The seats was comfortable and it seems grand before entering the theatre.. The movie "The Golden Compass" will be continued, the story haven't end yet, don't know when will show the next.. In this movie, really wonder how the production group doing all the special effects.. It's terrible..

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