Sunday, 16 December 2007

Saturday 15/12/2007

Today went to One Utama to see the arrangement for this year Christmas, cos last 2 weeks seeing them still doing the setting staffs, just curious what they going to do.. Once I reached, I go there directly, it's really "Wahhhhhhh...", so nice!!



Haha.. Today I've bought a shorts at Jusco, long long queue, waiting around 15 minutes, unlucky, the cahsier said that the machine has broke up and need to fix it, so fed up and change my queue at another counter!! Jusco always do things slowly.. Bad Bad Bad!! Hmmm.. Don't care... Muahaha.. Wooooo.. is dinner time!! Having our dinner at Dragon-i.. Delicious.... Last month only go with Wai Hong and Roy at Pavilion.. Since bf wants to try so decide to have our dinner here..





After dinner, me and bf doing one stupid thing inside the Parkson Store.. We saw the kettle.. Haha..Weird thing going to happen among us, we using the kettle to play like "哈哈镜", take it as a mirror.. From different angle, our faces got different shape and suddenly our eyes become big like alien.. So terrible!! But is not bad if I got such a big eye.. Hehe!!


Finally, end of the day, I watched movie with bf, Vincent and Tammy.. Alvin and the Chipmunks.. Damn funny and cute.. Especially the green one "Theodore", it's round and short compare with Alvin and Simon.. It's really looks cute, and most funny thing was they do sing Daniel Powter's song "Bad Day".. What's a funny movie, laugh from starting to the end.. Nice movie for Christmas!!

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