Saturday, 7 June 2008


Today I've cried for two times, really ugly when crying inside the shopping mall and outside the bas stop.. Many people looking at me that time, got one girl still come over to me and asking why i'm here crying.. Haihz..

Doing roadshow is really hard, facing a lot of people and have to know how to communicate with them and be careful all the words have been said.. Today I have did this mistake, I think is a mistake, but maybe is just misunderstanding.. I just joking with my staffs and the dealer's staff heard it and thought what I said is what I mean.. Really wanna F*** the idiot stupid dealer staffs.. Then fella's boss call to my manager and complaint me.. What the F***!! What so serious about it? Are they so free to hear what I talk with my staffs? They all chatting at the roadshow, and didn't do their job, this thing they didn't report to their boss, but what I said them, they go and tell their boss.. Need to said the Words again la.. F*** F*** F***!!

The fucker that shoot me behind named "Jessica", she always called me "Yen" I dunno why.. So when her boss call to my manager, I'm beside him, I know what the boss is complaining.. And one more thing, when need to complaint a people, please make sure the name is correct.. The face is me, but name is wrong.. Idoit fucker Jessica.. Really wanna find people to rape her..

Haihz.. After working in this company, start getting crazy, and high emotional.. I stay in this company coz I like this event job.. but really cannot stand when people shooting around.. In roadshow, I tried my best to do what my manager and client wants, try to solve the problems, but still they are not enough.. Haha!! This type of life is not suit me anyway.. Really have to make a decision, either stay or quit?

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