Friday, 10 December 2010

My Calendar ~2011~

It's almost end of the year of 2010. Wish to get the new calendar for year 2011, to plan my holiday and so, but don't have yet. So decide to do one for my own use.

Found out the south park creator since 2008, thought to work hard with the characters on my calendar, but I'm busy and lazy, keep delaying the work till 2010.. After 2 years, I'm free to do it.. From the original South Park characters to those that created thru the website, but some I have amend their clothing to match with the month, example, January is "Back to School", so the character is wearing the school dress. The same for the following month.

Will send out for printing and binding in next week, hope the output is satisfaction. Although is dull, but I like it so much!!

Original South Park Characters

And here is it

To create your own South Park characters, please visit

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