Saturday, 12 October 2013

Interview A Job

On Wednesday, I go for a job interview, but too bad I think I'm not being hired as I'm not meeting their requirements and expectations. It's a very bad interview that I ever had. I'm not well prepared enough, and I can't even give an answer for what they have asked.  

What do you expect the job for coming years or in future? Talking about FUTURE? In my life, I never think of my future, I got no aim at all, future is just so far away to me. Currently I just want my baby be healthy and stay happy. In Stephen Chow's movie quoted "做人如果无梦想,同条咸鱼有咩分别". Yes, I'm the one that lives without any dreams, I'm the salted fish. 

I'm just so regret that I'm not doing well during the interview. Where is my working passion? Please come back to me. Good luck to myself~

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