Friday, 18 October 2013

Happy Saturday @ Genting Highlands

Last Saturday we went to Genting Highlands, it's Baby Moon first time, so to prevent her of getting cold, I wrapped her like a "dumpling", 1 shirt, 1 sweater, 1 long pant, a pair of long sock and a pair of short sock. 

Before that, we have our late lunch at Vegetarian Restaurant, Buddhist Temple Genting Highlands (逢来仙境斋菜馆). Although I'm an vegetarian food lover, but I love the dishes so much, it is so yummy and delicious.

After that, we head to our destination. It's freaking cold up there, maybe just because of rainy day. Luckily Moon wear so thick in this weather or else she get cold.

At Moon's age, really nothing much for her to play, so we just have two family rides (Reindeer Cruises and Marry-Go-Round). It's so expensive, since not everything we can play so we just bought per ride ticket (RM8) instead of whole day ticket. She not really enjoy the rides, but she do enjoyed the cold weather.

Next visit probably will be next year, hope that I'm won't be headache when she cried for rides or any other games. :)

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