Thursday, 20 March 2008


Today is holiday, so decide to go out with Phin.. Now start working, I have no time to accompany him also.. Haha!! I've ffk Lesly, coz today is his birthday, he asked me for lunch, but I didn't go.. Sorry ya!! Hope he won't be unhappy.. I owe you a meal, okay?

Around 1pm, we went out from home and go to OUG to send the sample to Phin's dealer, then we have our lunch at somewhere near Pearl Point, the Pan Mee overthere is so delicious.. After that we went to Petaling Street.. Wau.. Nowsaday, all the CD and DVD selling in a lower price, so happy to see that.. Me is looking for CD and DVD, Phin is looking for comic.. Hehe.. Maybe we will go here again once we get our salary, just want to buy my favorite Jay Chou's limited edition potrait and comic.. The Jay Chou's Potrait is black and white, different from the others which with colour.. Hope it won't be sold out.. It costs RM87.90.. Quite expensive, but I like it.. Hehe.. Then for sure will drink the "Loh Hon Guo".. Mmmm..Yum Yum..

After we leave Petaling Street, we went to UE3, the robber case is now started.. I went to the Foto Prime for choosing some of the photos taking during the convocation.. Know what?? They just like taking the knife and rob us.. Saying that the package is around RM300-400.. Then I told her that last time I bought the diploma and advanced diploma photo package is just around RM70.. Then she so LC to us, said that the JMU package is different, using her "dog eye" staring us.. Is it so much different between that? What the f*** to cost us that much? Really not worth it.. Damn expensive man!! Sucks..

Actually I just want the photo that took with Mr. Iqbal.. I saw that in the photo album, I thought it is seperately from the stage photo.. So sad I can't buy that photo.. After that, I've chose some of the group photos.. One photo RM4, very expensive!! Haihz.. Luckily no more graduation, don't have chance for them to rob me again..

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