Tuesday, 19 February 2008

CNY Special

This Chinese New Year do have many special things, bf's birthday, dad's birthday, valentine day and win lottery.. Haha!! Bf's birthday on the first day of CNY, so on the eve I have bought a cake for him, the most cheapest cake from Baskin Robbins.. First time I bought Ice-cream cake, and the shape was damn ugly, maybe the ice-cream can't support the whole cake, so is like lose shape.. This year don't have anytime to buy present for him, so just a cake.. Luckily Phin not mind of this small cake..

This valentine day not that good compare with last year, don't have any special, but I do receive my valentine present, is Jay Chou's concert DVD.. This 23th, Jay will held his concert in KL, but I don't have chance to go for it, so Phin bought a DVD to compensate me.. Hope can go to Taiwan to see his concert in the future..

Last Tuesday Vincent, Wei Sien, Phin and me went to Genting Casino just want to gamble.. Gambling is the thing that must do during CNY, and we have won money from Uncle Lim.. Last Sunday me and mum share buying lottery.. Haha, we won the special prize of number 1818 from Sportstoto, so so lucky.. Nice Chinese New Year 2008..

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