Friday, 18 January 2008

My Hometown Butter Cookies

Today has baked the cookies that I familiar with, is butter cookies.. Last few years I'm using the ready pack flour to bake the cookies, but this year I've tried to mix the flours by myself.. After mixed up all the ingredients, have to squezze it out to have a shape, but after baked, it is shapeless.. Too bad!!

Today I went to the shop to buy the ingredients, I forget what I need for this cookies, so ask my mum to check for me, but......... Mum has misread the ingredient, 40g of custard powder become 400g, so I have bought the pack of 500g and now left 460g.. I've browse through the cookies recipe, there are only 2 cookies that need the custard powder, so it's wasted.. Although is not expensive, but is not good to throw it.. Haihz..

Butter Cookies with Glaced Cherries

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