Tuesday, 22 January 2008


Time: 2.34am
Status: Awake (Almost fall asleep)
Energy: 1 (Max. 10)
Physical: 1 (Max. 10)
Mental: 3 (Max. 10)

Haihz.. Nothing to do now, what a boring night.. Just finish playing "The Incredible Machines", this game really need some tactics in order to solve the problem.. Mentally tired.. Hmmm.. All people are sleeping, gaining energy for tomorrow work and school, but I'm still awake, do nothing.. Blogging is the only thing that I can do during the night.. Just now think to watch "Dragon Ball GT", but feel lazy, so just keep it aside.. This Wednesday will go Terengganu for work, is a part-time job, just to earn some money for this coming CNY.. Hope the environment is nice and comfortable.. :)

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