Tuesday, 15 January 2008

NiuZeXui and Worms Forts

Last Sunday Phin and me went to NiuZeXui, somewhere near Kelana Jaya.. There is just like a high class night market, but some branded companies do opened their store over here, like Big Apple Donuts and Starbucks.. Hmmm.. Suddenly thinking that now people are donuts' addict, J.CO Donuts and Big Apple Donuts, there are always long queue.. Sometimes have to wait for half an hour only can buy the donuts.. NiuZeXui also the same, quite a long queue.. All the shops here are like a booth display, small spaces and almost all the shop are selling the same things, which I saw there are many repeating, especially telecommunication shop, accessories and clothing..

Recently I have used my mobile to play a game, Worms Forts.. It’s really good to play, easier and cute.. So decide to buy a PS2 Worms Forts game, coz TV screen is wider and don’t have to charge battery.. Last time used to charge my mobile 3 days a time, but now, one day have to charge for twice.. This can show how many that I like this game.. Haha.. When the worm die, it will become a grave and many weapons can be use to shoot the enemy, Worms Forts is GREAT!! I like it!!

Disco Worm

After that Phin and me went to One-U, Chinese New Year Sales is now started and I have bought a jacket.. The purpose for today’s shopping is to do survey in each shop.. I think the most valuable was FILA, they are having promotion, second item only for RM 8 (must be equal price or lower).. For this sales is planning to buy a pair of Converse’s shoe, bag, long pants and two shirts.. CNY is coming, so have to buy a new shirt for the CNY first day, New Year must have a new shirt and must be red (just like an ang pao)..Well, Chinese do like RED!!

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