Friday, 13 November 2009

Hong Kong Trip - Day 5

Finally.... I posted last post for my Hong Kong Trip.. 1 month time for me to post my journey to Hong Kong, and this is the last day of my trip ..

The day we back to KL.. Flight at 8.50pm, and coach will pick us at 5pm in front of the hotel.. Early morning we kept all our stuffs and preparing for check-out.. Since we have places to go, so we leave our luggage at the hotel luggage room..

Previous days, we don't even try the local signature food, which is egg tart.. and refer to the travel guide, we went to a shop where famous with their egg tart and polo bun, located at Prince "太子".. Just one station from Yau Ma Tei, and reached the Prince Station.. Then wee seeked for the shop, after 3 minutes walked, we found it, and in front the shop, there are fresh baked egg tart.. Once tried, OMG.. Is damn delicious.. It's totally different from what we have in KL.. And so, I have ordered the local cuisine, 餐蛋面", is delicious as well.. This shop, "金华冰厅" opened more than 30 years and with experienced in baking egg tart.. So we have a good try here.. Yummy!

After our breakfast, Vincent, Tammy, Lok Fun and Wei Sien went to Tsim Sha Tsui for shopping, me and Phin Phin left the gang and went to Mong Kok to buy some souvenir.. After that we went to Sha Tin, to visit the "Snoopy's World", my beloved cartoon character.. SNOOPY

After all-and-all, we get back to Tsim Sha Tsui, coz it's near to our hotel and easy to go back later.. While walking along the street, we saw this dessert shop "大良八记", and we have tried this "芒果豆腐花", so delicious.. This match was very special, Tau Fu Hua with Mango, so nice..

Since the next day have to attend Alex and Phoebe's wedding dinner, so I asked Phin Phin to have a hair cut at HK, so that would be easier for tomorrow.. Then we stopped at this "Wave Salon" at Tsim Sha Tsui area.. All the hair stylist was so fashion, their hair style was so up-to-date.. One word can describe them was "潮".. And here is the before and after for my lovely Phin Phin..

p/s: This is really a nice trip for me and Phin Phin, and I miss the food, place and lifestyle in HK, hope to have another chance to visit HK.. :)


dut said...

i wan eat the mango and egg tart. haha

PeckWm said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PeckWm said...

the snoopy world need admission fees?
so nice...

HuiPeng said...

Dut: Next time when you go HK, you can try the egg tart and mango tau fu fa, I will give you the address..

PeckWm: No admission fees needed for the snoopy world.. Just walk-in, is FREE!!

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