Friday, 25 July 2008

Mini Mah Jong

Last night playing Mah Jong with my dear..
Only 2 persons? Yes! 2 persons..

It was damn funny, the mah jong is the travel pack, so it's small and cute, but our eye getting blur..

Rules for 2:
- Winner: Hold East and South
- Loser: Hold West and North
- Double pay - Win by own
- Normal pay - Win by taking player's cards
- Flower: Red symbol (Winner), Black symbol (Loser), Head Flower and Animal Flower (Both Winner and Loser)

Token / Chip:
5 cents - RM 1
1 cent - RM 0.10

1 comment:

dut_lp001 said...

how to play 2 ppl. hahaha
next time call me mah.;p

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